Wow Countdowns Pro


  • Unlimited amount of Timers & Countdowns
  • Enable session tracking to make it realistic
  • Enable randomizer to make it even more realistic
  • Setup triggers when the countdown runs out

The Wow Countdowns Pro is the functional and convenient WordPress plugin to increase the conversion of a web resource. The marketing tool creates a deficit and urgency effect, motivating users to perform various actions. It affects customers with flexible and easily configurable timers and counters. The extension provides an opportunity to demonstrate social proof to visitors of the page, adding realism to the proposal.


Types of Counter

  • To date
  • Time
  • Time with cookies
  • Amount
  • Amount with cookies


  • Hide/Show title for counter
  • Session control
  • Randomizer for Amount

Types of trigger

  • Show content
  • Redirect
  • Hide/Show block
  • Hide/Show modal window


  • Control the width and height
  • Set the font size
  • Background and digits color settings

Can be used for:

  • Create scarcity effect with the limited amount of whatever you are offering
  • Create urgency effect with limited time offers
  • Create social proof by showing how popular your offer is & how many people are rushing in to buy it
  • Make it appear very realistic by enabling counting randomizer & session tracking


Increase conversion by limiting your offer with an amount or time-based countdown.
You can have the timers start over on page refresh or you can enable session tracking and the timer will not refresh.
You can hide the offer or leave it be after the timer runs out.
The examples below track users and also hide the offers when the timer runs out. You gotta really hurry and use your chance to buy, sign up, etc.! 🙂 Don’t loose the opportunity! These countdowns are set up to refresh every next day.


Price: $100 $29.99

This special offer ends in:

Buy your early bird ticket to the concert!

Price: $200 $59.99

Tickets available:

In this example, the countdown is set to stop at 3 tickets. Also, no triggers are enabled, so the offer stays available.


Use this to make users view your ads & then provide a link to download, for example.
Make users stay longer on your website & then give them some gift.
Find a couple examples below:.

Your download will start soon

Please check out this ad first. Your download link will appear in:


Stay with us a bit longer:

To A Certain Date

Just specify a certain date for your countdown. For example: HEY! THIS OFFER IS ONLY AVAILABLE UNTIL THE NEW YEAR! TIME IS RUNNING OUT FAST:

For a certain time

Just specify the amount of days, hours and minutes, insert the shortcode and let it run down! For example: GET THE TICKET BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE. THE OFFER IS AVAILABLE ONLY FOR 50 MINUTES:

For a certain time, with session tracking

The regular time countdown always reloads on refresh. In this mode, the countdown will stop whenever the user leaves the site and will resume when the user comes back. You can also specify after how many days to reset it for the user.

Certain amount

Specify the starting amount. Specify the ending amount. Example: THE AMOUNT OF SEATS IS VERY LIMITED. SEATS LEFT:

Certain amount, with session tracking

In regular amount-based countdown, the amount reloads every time the user refreshes the page / comes back to the page. So it looks pretty fake. But with the cookie control enabled, the countdown continues & does not reload when the user comes back! You can also specify after how many days to reset it for the user. So: HURRY TO GET YOUR TICKET! ONLY LIMITED AMOUNT OF SEATS IS AVAILABLE:

Enable randomizer

Randomizer is the unique feature that lets your countdowns appear extremely realistic.

Show or hide the titles

You can choose which titles you want to show & which to hide: days, hours, minutes & seconds. You can enter your own titles, so if you want to make them shorter or translate to another language, go ahead! You can also change title colors and title font size.

Show or hide certain parts of the timer

You can choose which part of the timer you want to show: days, hours, minutes, seconds. Show everything or only a part that makes sense in your case.

Count downwards or upwards

You can choose the amount countdowns to count downwards or upwards. Example: THE PARTY IS GOING TO BE HOT! THE AMOUNT OF TICKETS ALREADY BOUGHT:


Comes with 12 months of free support, free updates and lots of love