Floating Button Pro

Floating Button Pro


Version 5.3

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Added: option ‘Show after Position’

Added: ‘Hide after Position’

Added: ‘Timer for display’

Added: ‘Timer for hide’

Added: ‘Hide sub-buttons By clicking on page’

Added: ‘Hide sub-buttons By clicking on Sub button’

Version 5.2.1

– Updated: Font Awesome Icon to version 6.2.1

Version 5.2

– Added: animation for icon
– Added: options: Next post and Previous Post
– Added: Export single menu
– Updated: Font Awesome 6.1.2
– Fixed: Schedule date

Version 5.1.3

– Fixed: Support AMP legacy theme.

 Version 5.1.2

– Added: option Publish-> ‘Only on Post page’

– Fixed: option Publish-> ‘Only on Post Type

Version 5.1.1

– Fixed: function for tooltip ‘Hold open’

Version 5.1

– Added: ‘Import/Export’ function

– Added: options for show menu ‘Only on Search Page’, ‘Only on Archive Pages’

– Added: Ability to use custom icons from other icon fonts

Version 5.0.1

– Fixed: minor bugs

Version 5.0

– Changed: Admin style.

– Added: option Schedule for display the menu

– Added: option ‘browser dependency’

– Added: option ‘Attribute: rel’ to link

– Added: item type ‘translate’

– Fixed: minor bugs

Version 4.5

– Added: add menu from WP Admin->Appearance->Menu

– Added: attribute alt to image

Version 4.4.1

– Added: attribute rel=”nofollow noopener” to the share links

– Fixed: tooltip for AMP

– Fixed: minor bugs

Version 4.4

– Added: options ‘Activated’ & ‘Test mode’

– Added: option ‘Show only Post type’

– Added: support AMP

Version 4.3.2

– Added: Share button for Whatsapp Web

– Fixed: function ‘show on homepage’

– Fixed: show in taxonomy

Version 4.3.1

– Added: support several roles for users for showing menu

Version 4.3

– Added: button sorting function

– Added: option ‘Publish’->’Only on homepage’

Version 4.2

– Added: share on: draugiem, whatsapp, diaspora, digg, douban, evernote, flipboard, google bookmarks, hacker news, instapaper, line, qzone, renren

– Added: function ‘go to bottom’

– Updated: Font Awesome Icons to version 5.14

Version 4.1.8

– Added: open sub-buttons via click by tooltip

Version 4.1.7

– Fixed: smooth scroll function

Version 4.1.6

– Fixed: Social share function

Version 4.1.4

– Added: Add the tag defer to script

– Fixed: Item type ‘Go back’ and ‘Go forward’ for adding sub-button

Version 4.1.3

– Added: Open the link in a new window

Version 4.1

– Added: Close button icon

– Added: option ‘Hold buttons open’

– Added: Animation for the main button

– Changed: optimized styles

Version 4.0

– Added: size control option

– Added: 8 animation

– Added: 4 new position

– Added: hold open option for Tooltip

– Added: the ability to add multiple button sets on one page

– Updated: scripts and styles

– Updated: Font Awesome icons to version 5.11.2

Version 3.1

– Added: rel=”nofollow” to the social and admin links

– Added: new types: Go Back, Go Forward

– Added: button types to the main button

– Fixed: saving the item

Version 3.0

– Added: Link to the main button

– Fixed: Shapes of the button

Version 2.1

– Added: option for disable FontAwesome 5 from front-end;

– Added: share the page via Email;

– Updated: FontAwesom to 5.6.3

– Fixed: saving in the database

Version 2.0

– Added: the ability to add custom icons;

– Added: the ability to add custom Class and ID for each button;

– Added: 13 social networks for sharing

– Added: Scroll to top

– Added: Smooth Scroll

– Changed: admin menu style

Version 1.0

– Initial release