WordPress plugins for Authorization

Wow Google Login Pro

Use Wow Google Login Pro plugin to make a registration and authorization process easier for your site users. Activate the plugin tools to improve the efficiency of email-marketing strategy that you use!

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Wow Facebook Login Pro

Engage Wow Facebook Login Pro plugin for users’ registration and authorization on your website in one click. Use plugin instruments for selected efficiency growth of the email-marketing strategy, and simple involvement of potential users in a website life

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How WordPress plugins for simple authorization increase conversion.

WordPress registration plugins that use Facebook or a Google account are effective tools to expand the customer base. Like other products of the Wow Company, their use gives different advantages, and allows to achieve such goals:

  • to simplify the registration and authorization process for the potential user, eliminating the objection “registration takes a long time”;
  • to increase the subscribers base of your email-newsletter;
  • automatically integrate users into the lists of the Mailchimp and GetResponse platforms;
  • to set and manage the rights of registered users.

The choice of the most suitable WordPress plugin depends on the type of your business and the information you want to receive from the user at the time of registration. Use the free plugins’ versions for A /B testing. Based on the experience of our customers, installing both plugins can double the registration rate.

Why the users of your site prefer authorization in one click.

WordPress sites, that offer advantages to registered users from the visitors’ point of view, are rated higher than resources, on which the interaction with a client is reduced to “order from us”. Authorization via Facebook is an effective tool for bloggers seeking to gather an active community around themselves. For the online store visitors, the ability to leave a comment on the product by registering via Facebook account or Google+ – is itself the motivation to start interaction with you.

Logging in via Facebook or Google not only takes less than a minute, but also is safe – the user can control the information you request.

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