WordPress plugins for marketing

Wow Icons Pro

Wow Icons Pro – the suite of tools for easy icons placement and display customizing. Make your website more user friendly, due to the informative icons placement from the built-in plugin fonts.

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Wow Skype Buttons Pro

Activate plugin WordPress Wow Skype Buttons Pro to interact with users. Take orders, advise or provide services directly through Skype – one of the most popular instant messengers in the world

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Wow Herd Effects Pro

Increase goods and services demand with the help of plugin Wow Herd Effects Pro for WordPress. Show social proofs of your trade offer value to the users, creating by this an agiotage!

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Wow Countdowns Pro

Wow Countdowns Pro – a plugin for Wordpress sites, which adds a counter or countdown timer – effective tools for increasing online sales conversion.

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Wow Modal Windows Pro

Create unobtrusive and effective PopUp windows with any content for your Wordpress site using Wow Modal Windows Pro plugin

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Install marketing plugins for WordPress and increase the conversion of the site!

In this section plugins for WordPress sites are collected, contain marketing tools. Each of them is specialized individually for reaching specific goals: simplifying interaction with the client, providing social proofs or making easier the site navigation. Together – they allow you to create an effective and flexibly customizable system, uses point-based impacts on your target audience.

Use the Wow Company plugins to test new marketing strategies.

Our marketing plugins for WordPress are suitable for testing and running-in the new methods of increasing sales volume. Their application makes possible to interact with the user more quickly and more closely, and fine-tuning is to contact him in an international dialect – the language of benefit.

Each plugin is created taking into account that its users pursue different goals. For example, Wow Modal Windows, installed on the online store website, fits for placing an order registration or confirmation form. In a blog – for a subscription form, shown when a visitor has read your article to the end, or shared a link to a page in social networks.

A creative approach to using Wordpress plugins, containing marketing tools, – is the basis for your online business success. To increase the digital marketing profitability follow these recommendations:

  • test new approaches, even if you’ve found a working scheme. Analyze the results, and reinforce weaknesses;
  • find your target audience, and in accordance with its interests and preferences change the site or its parts;
  • set goals and consistently reach them;
  • try new tools and their combinations to achieve the best result;
  • make the site’s interface more user-friendly and understandable.

To install the plugins, it is enough to master the basic skills of administering the site on WordPress platform and follow the step-by-step instructions in Readme. The plugins’ configuration takes minimum of time – the interface is informative and compactly located. The generation and the subsequent insertion of short codes realize mutual plugins integration.

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