Side Menu Pro

Easily create sticky buttons of varying complexity.

The Side Menu Pro is the functional WordPress plugin that serves to add and customize unique side menus to your site. Expansion will complement the design of the resource, increase its usability and informative. It helps you to create compact navigation panels with attractive design. Emphasize the exclusivity of your site among other web sites.

Plugin advantages

The plugin for creating bright side menus will allow you to change the display settings depending on the user’s requests. This is the powerful tool for improving website usability. Among its advantages:

  • the ability to create an unlimited amount of menus;
  • easy to learn and use the control panel;
  • a selection of the position of the side navigation output;
  • vertical alignment of the menu;
  • a large selection of style settings for displaying buttons;
  • adding any links;
  • select more than 600 Font awesome icons or connect custom images;
  • built-in social buttons, print function and user menu;
  • creation of multilingual navigation panels;
  • display depending on the status of the user;
  • setting the output on the screens more or less than the specified resolution;
  • display navigation on the selected pages and many others.

The Side Menu Pro will change the way users view the functionality and informative of the menu.


A specific feature of the Side Menu Pro plugin is the ability to quickly create bright side menu design. It does not take up much space on the page, but provide the user with a large selection of features. The extension functionality allows the web resource administrator to use:

  • flexible system to set the menu display. Select the position of the panel on the page, align its position vertically, assign the size of its elements and the distance between it. Highlight the button using the decorative border, set its width, degree of rounding and color;
  • options to change font style and icons. Set the size and style for the names of menu items, change the size of the icons;
  • detailed editing of elements. Specify the type for each button, enter the name, change its color design;
  • built-in icon font or custom image. Make each element unique, select it with a separate icon;
  • a large selection of types for navigation elements. Create convenient navigation through the site with links, add transitions to third-party resources. Use built-in social panels, custom menu, print button, display informational pop-up blocks;
  • connection of modal windows. It allows you to add contact forms, online calculators and much more to the menu;
  • change the color palette for each button. Change the appearance of the menu elements in accordance with the style of the site through the selection of colors;
  • display depending on the status of the user on the site. Change the output features for ordinary page visitors and authorized users;
  • limit the output of the menu to the screen resolution. Specify the conditions for displaying the navigation bar depending on the screen size;
  • parameters to set the language of the page. Create unique multilingual menus;
  • detailed parameters of the sidebar display. Change the navigation output settings for individual pages and posts, use exclusions for display, category IDs and much more.

The integrated use of Side Menu Pro and Wow Modal Windows Pro will allow creating original menus for active interaction and user feedback.

Can be used for:

  • unique side menu on the page;
  • social panel;
  • user menu;
  • quick print buttons;
  • multilingual navigation panels;
  • adaptive menu for PC and mobile devices.

Compatibility with other popular plugins

The Side Menu Pro WordPress plugin is the excellent tool for completing site functionality with the original sidebar. The purchase and installation of the plugin will attract attention of more users to the site. The extension improves usability of the resource by using compact navigation on both sides of the page.

How to Install

1. Deactivate the Free version of the plugin
2. Download and Install the Pro version of the plugin
3. Enter your license key and click “Save Changes”
4. Click button ‘Activate License’

How to Install via FTP

1. Download the plugin from the source to your computer.
2. After you download the plugin to your computer, if it’s in a compressed Zip file, unzip it to access the uncompressed files.
If the file is zipped (compressed), use a free web application (such as WinZip) to unzip the plugin.
3. Connect to your server using your preferred FTP application.
4. Navigate to the wp-content folder within the WordPress installation for your website.
5. In the wp-content directory, find the plugins directory; upload your plugin to this location via FTP.
Congratulations — your plugin is installed, but you still need to activate it.
6. Choose Plugins→Plugins on your Dashboard.
The Installing Plugin page appears.
7. Click the Activate link that appears below the plugin’s title

How to Generate Invoice

You can generate the invoice in your Dashboard on

1. Go to website
2. Login
3. Go to the page Your Purchases
4. Click on Generate Invoice

  • tony van der heijden Purchased
    5.0 rating

    Really nice stuff. Is a good addition to website. Works good.

  • Silvio Hungsberg Purchased
    4.0 rating

    I was looking for a plugin to simply add a nice little Side Menu to my wordpress site. In combination with Modal Windows Pro everything is now as wanted. Thanks WOW-Team!