Wow Icons Pro

Easily insert and customize icon in post, page and menu
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  • LifeTime License
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Use the WordPress plugin Wow Icons Pro to create a unique formalization of your site. The plugin adds an icon on the page or in the site navigation elements, and you can flexibly configure their display parameters – color, size and alignment.

The use of Wow Icons Pro gives such opportunities:

  • to make the site unique and focused on the target audience by placing icons;
  • to choose from 8 icon fonts and more than 2.5 thousand built-in plugin icons.;
  • to use an intuitive interface for selecting icons and their display customizing;
  • to place icons in the desired page section as: a layout text element, visualizations for menu items or other static parts of the page;
  • to use the built-in WordPress plugin search for the selection of suitable elements in the integrated fonts;
  • to customize background colors and images, set their animation display to attract the website visitor’s attention;
  • to add icons to the menu, setting the CSS Classes display parameter.

Fonts supported and tasks solved with their help.

We selected iconic fonts that represent the most diverse tools with minimal images repetition. In Wow Icons Pro the following fonts are available for adding on the WordPress site:

  • Font Awesome
  • Fontello
  • IcoMoon
  • Open Iconic
  • WP Dashicons
  • Google Material Icons
  • JustVector Social Font
  • Payment Font
  • Typicons

Wow Icons Pro fits for WordPress sites of any specialization. Information sites, blogs acquire the design optimizing and layout tool, resources of commercial orientation receive the user’s attention management tools.

Get even more from the Wow Icons Pro, using it together with other products of the Wow Company development.