Wow Modal Windows Pro

Functional plugin Wow Modal Window Pro for CMS WordPress is designed to ease the process of creating and setting the modal windows on the site. With the help of this plugin it is possible to monitor pop-up informational blocks flexibly. It allows to conveniently change the contents and parameters of its display. Characteristic features of this solution are the simplicity and efficiency of use.

Plugin advantages

Wow Modal Window Pro is the powerful tool developed under requests of various sites owners. It is used for the purpose of convenient informing web resource visitors about current special offers and advertising campaigns, important news and many other things. Among its advantages should be noted:

  • user-friendly control panel interface;
  • a large selection of styles and display options;
  • using animation effects;
  • detailing the settings for modal windows displaying;
  • the ability to use various media files;
  • advanced features of the HTML-editor;
  • creating an unlimited number of pop-up windows;
  • preview of information blocks in the editing process.

The plugin is a “flexible” modern solution for efficient work with modal windows.


A hallmark of the Wow Modal Window Pro is the ability of fine-tuning pop-up information blocks. The plugin can be adjusted to the activity of certain users on the network, using cookies. To edit modal windows, the administrator is provided with a whole arsenal of solutions:

  • functional editor with advanced features. Format the font and color of text, insert images and media files, add marked and numbered lists, use the convenient HTML version of the tool;
  • flexible system to set and change the display style on PC and mobile devices. Specify the size of the window, its position on the page, change the parameters of the borders and colors;
  • edit the closing element. Change its size, indentation, type of display, delay the button display to the user and much more;
  • set window output triggers. Use the settings to display the pop-up block, depending on the user’s actions. Choose the optimal display options for page visitors by using the cookie binding;
  • customize the animation. Revitalize the display and closing of modal windows with the dynamic effect;
  • display of the information block at the push of the button. Edit the appearance and behavior of the functional element for the requests of your site;
  • generate shortcodes to insert unique icons into the modal window;
  • set the exact parameters to display the pop-up block. Change the display settings depending on the language, content and size of the page, the shortcode specified on it, exceptions or ID, user status. Specify a consistent display of several modal windows;
  • create and insert the form of subscription or feedback.

The Wow Modal Window Pro plugin serves to create, optimally configure and easily manage the pop-up information blocks on the site. A user-friendly interface makes it easy to understand the settings of the functional tool.

Can be used for:

  • information modal windows;
  • Facebook messenger;
  • pop-up windows with the map;
  • windows with feedback form;
  • modal blocks with subscription;
  • windows with the call back order form;
  • interactive widgets;
  • the fixed Skype button on the page;
  • unique user menus;
  • functional pop-up panels and much more.

Compatibility with other popular plugins

The Wow Modal Window Pro extension perfectly integrates with other plugins. Integrated use allows you to create effective tools for increasing the conversion of sites. Combine modal windows with:

The Wow Modal Window Pro is the modern tool to create functional modal windows with an original design. By purchasing the plugin, you get the option of detailed customization and personalized use of pop-up messages on the site. The extension allows you to change the display options depending on the needs of the target audience. Installation of the plugin will positively affect the increase in the conversion of the web resource.

How to Install

1. Deactivate the Free version of the plugin
2. Download and Install the Pro version of the plugin
3. Enter your license key and click “Save Changes”
4. Click button ‘Activate License’

How to Install via FTP

1. Download the plugin from the source to your computer.
2. After you download the plugin to your computer, if it’s in a compressed Zip file, unzip it to access the uncompressed files.
If the file is zipped (compressed), use a free web application (such as WinZip) to unzip the plugin.
3. Connect to your server using your preferred FTP application.
4. Navigate to the wp-content folder within the WordPress installation for your website.
5. In the wp-content directory, find the plugins directory; upload your plugin to this location via FTP.
Congratulations — your plugin is installed, but you still need to activate it.
6. Choose Plugins→Plugins on your Dashboard.
The Installing Plugin page appears.
7. Click the Activate link that appears below the plugin’s title

How to Generate Invoice

You can generate the invoice in your Dashboard on

1. Go to website
2. Login
3. Go to the page Your Purchases
4. Click on Generate Invoice

Custom close button

If you want to close the open modal window by custom button or link, not via standard close button, you can use:

* CLASS 'wow-modal-close-X' for element (Close Popup)
* ID 'wow-modal-close-X' for element (Close Popup)
* Link 'wow-modal-close-X' (Close Popup)

where X - ID of the modal window

Custom open button

If you want to open the modal window by custom button or link you can use:

* CLASS 'wow-modal-id-X' for element (Close Popup)
* ID 'wow-modal-id-X' for element (Close Popup)
* Link 'wow-modal-id-X' (Close Popup)

where X - ID of the modal window

more than one button or popup on a page
Can you have more than one on a page and have them both clear at the same time and both be able to access them at the same time not in layers?
Templates for modal window
Integrate the Templates for modal window in the plugin
Keep the popup window minimized
Keep the popup window minimized rather than close. Imagine that I have a radio player in the popup, I prefer to keep it minimized while I listen to the tracks…
  • Yannick Fradette Purchased
    4.0 rating

    Good working plugin overall. Some improvement could be made top optimize code.
    Some problem’s to activate the plugin.

  • Ricardo Ruiz Purchased
    5.0 rating

    I believe this is one of the best modal plugins around the internet. It’s very easy to use and handy, nice design that makes your site looks prettier . Not only has a multipurpose, but you can insert any info you want, really you name it!

  • Quentin Bays Purchased
    5.0 rating

    Very customizable and easy to use.

  • Robert Short Purchased
    5.0 rating

    Love it! I don’t annoy my site visitors with pop-up modals every time they visit and this allows me to configure how it shows up and when. And mostly, when NOT to. I love it. Very cool and effective.

  • Kevin Grinder Purchased
    5.0 rating

    Easy to configure and setup. Gives good control for timing and mouse actions. I recommend this for your modal window marketing/sign-ups.

  • SANG WOOK KANG Purchased
    5.0 rating

    I use it very useful.