Powerful & User-Friendly Plugins

We create feature-rich WordPress plugins that are easy and enjoyable to use.

List of the Plugins

Float Menu Pro | WP Plugin
The functional tool for the easy creation the attractive floating menus.


Popup Box Pro | WP Plugin
Popup Box Pro - the WordPress plugin for creating awesome popups with any content.


Floating Button Pro | WP Plugin
WordPress plugin designed to generate and manage sticky Floating Buttons, capable of performing any defined actions on your website.


Side Menu Pro | WP Plugin
Create compact navigation panels with attractive designs.


WordPress plugin Sticky Buttons Icon

Sticky Buttons Pro | WP Plugin
Quickly create informative floating buttons that will always be within the user's visibility, increasing his attention and providing quick access to the necessary pages of the site or action


Counter Box Pro | WP Plugin
Quickly and easily create countdowns, counters, and timers with a live preview.

Button Generator Pro | WP Plugin
The Button Generator plugin allows you to create stylish responsive buttons with a variety of CSS effects and informational badges.

Wow Modal Windows Pro | WP Plugin
Designed to ease the process of creating and setting the modal windows on the WordPress site


Wow Herd Effects Pro | WP Plugin
Designed to create a "sense of queue" or "herd effect", motivating the visitors of the page to perform any actions.

Bubble Menu Pro | WP Plugin
Create a bright bubble menu on your WordPress site

Buttons PRO | WP Plugin
Create fun and limitless buttons for your WordPress site.

WordPress Skype Icon

Wow Skype Buttons Pro | WP Plugin
Add on a site the Skype buttons with adjustable functionality and display options.

Wow Viral Signups Pro | WP Plugin
Run the "viral" subscription on your WordPress site.

Floating menus Bundle | WP Plugin
Elevate your website's interactivity and user experience with the comprehensive Floating Menus Bundle for WordPress.


WordPress theme Doxy

Doxy – knowledge base and help desk theme | WP Theme
Doxy is a WordPress theme designed for creating a knowledge base, help desk website, and more.


KnowledgeCenter Pro | WP Plugin
Add-on for WordPress theme KnowledgeCenter

iIknowledgeBase icon

IKnowledgeBase Pro | WP Plugin
Add-on for WordPress theme IKnowledgeBase

calculator bundle icon

Calculators bundle | WP Plugin
Bundle of WordPress plugins equips your website with a variety of user-friendly calculators, like : Ovulation Calendar, Credit, Pregnancy, Appearance, Cardiology.

Ovulation Calendar | WP Plugin
WordPress plugin for calculating Fertility and Ovulation increasing the chances of pregnancy.

Credit calculators icon

Credit Calculators | WP Plugin
Set of credit calculators packaged in WordPress plugin.

Pregnancy Calculators icon

Pregnancy Calculators | WP Plugin
Set of calculators on planning pregnancy and gestation periods packed in WordPress plugin.

Appearance Calculators icon

Appearance Calculators | WP Plugin
Set of calculators for calculating body parameters packed in WordPress plugin.

Cardiology Calculators icon

Cardiology Calculators | WP Plugin
Set of calculators for calculating cardiology parameters packed in WordPress plugin.

Floating Action Buttons | CSS
Pure CSS3 Floating Action Buttons is a clean, customizable solution for creating different sets of floating action buttons.

Side menu – pure CSS | CSS
Easily create Side Menu of varying complexity.

jQuery Counters | JavaScript
Creating a scarcity effect, urgency effect, and social proof via any counters, countdowns, and timers with triggers.

jQuery Popup Notifications icon

jQuery Popup Notifications | JavaScript
Creating and showing notifications to motivate users to take action on your site!