The registration with the limited number of places and the referral system

Creating the deficit effect is the effective tool in the field of Internet marketing. Competent construction of the limited offer can efficiently influence the online business. The user is more likely to register in shares […]


The interesting menu for your site with the Float Menu Pro plugin

When you design the future website, special attention is paid to the appearance, structure and usability of the menu. Bright and catchy navigation panels attract the attention of visitors to the page. This panels become […]


The urgency effect of the offer and the demonstration of user activity on the site

One of the main tasks of the owner of any online business is attracting new customers. The specially designed marketing tools can effectively cope with the similar goals. It will allow you to capture the […]


Fine-tuning of the modal windows for effective user interaction.

Setting the site modal window display depending on the user actions. Use the Wow Modal Windows Pro for the personalized approach


The Bubble Menu Pro plugin for creating the original menu

Navigation and additional menus on the websites are required tools for the users’ convenience. They allow you to easily navigate the pages of the resource and find the desired information. Modern technologies and thoughtful data […]


Example of creating a “herd effect” with the Wow Herd Effects Pro

The “herd effect” is a powerful mechanism of the internet marketing, it’s based on following the opinions or behavior of the crowd. Its use makes it possible to attract attention to the services or the […]


The herd effect and its place in the internet marketing

The “Herd effect” or bandwagon effect is one of the forms of groupthinking. It’s based on the popularization of the actions or objects, which have been chosen by the overwhelming majority of people. The result […]


Plugging in Facebook Messenger via the modal window on a site.

Messenger programs – an integral part of today’s online community. They are services for instant messaging and relevant information exchange between users of the same network. Multifunctional Facebook Messenger has become one of the undisputed […]


Modern messengers for work and communication

Messenger – a unique program or web service for instant messaging. It serves for rapid information transfer to other users in real time. With its help in just a couple of clicks you can send […]


Side Menu — a humble plugin that is taking the WordPress community by the storm

As you might know, the hard part for businesses today is to get attention. Customers’ attention is gold. Attention can be monetized in many ways. Advertisers’ first goal is always to grab attention. But it’s […]


30 ways to attract the visitors attention on your website

Dear web masters (whoever in particular you might be: web developer, web designer, online marketer, a business owner), in this post we will discuss the 30 simple ways you can use to improve your website, […]

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