WordPress Plugin

Bubble Menu Pro

Version 3.0.2

What Can You Create

  • site navigation;
  • social panel;
  • user menu;
  • multilingual navigation panels;
  • contact menu;
  • additional panel;
  • adaptive menu for PC and mobile devices;
  • floating panel with feedback and other.
20 Share Services
1480+ Icons
4 Different shapes
11 Special Functions


Unlimited Number

No limited to the number of menus.

Font Awesome 5

The current version of the plugin has 1480 Font Awesome Icon.

Different Positions

Can be positioned at any side of the screen. 8 different positions

New Window

Opening link in new window.

Different Shapes

Choose different types of shapes for the menu: Circle, Square, Ellipse, Rounded Square.


Choose any of 16 animations to display the menu.

Devices control

You can specify for which devices to show the menu.

Add Attributes

Add custom values to attributes such as CLASS and ID to each menu item.

Custom Icon

Add your own icon for the menu item.

Choose color

Choose color for each button

Smooth Scroll

Create a smooth scrolling effect to the page anchors.

Go to Top

Create a button that will take the user to the top of the page when clicked on.

Social Share

20 Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress.


Function for print the page via a click on the item.

Specifics links

Enter the specifics links as Email and Telephone.

Hold open

Hold the menu open when the page loaded.

User links

Built-in user links: LogIn, LogOut, Register, Lostpassword

Language dependence

Show menu depending on language.

User dependence

Show menu depending on user (for all users, only for logged-in users, only for not logged-in users).

Specific pages

Show the menu on the specific pages.


We work closely with the user community and listen to your opinion. We provide free technical and information support for customers.

Free Updates

Product get maintained with improvements and bug fixes.