Make Your Site Legendary

Effective marketing tools

A unique set of tools for webmasters will increase the conversion of your site. Affect the behavior of users, motivate them to perform certain actions.

Modern WP & jQuery plugins

WordPress plugins and jQuery tools will help you find the best solution for your web resource. All products are developed and adapted in accordance with new versions of the platform.

Product quality control

All solutions are carefully tested and tested before launching and entering the market. The indicator of quality and reliability is a reviews from our users.

Reasonable prices

We offer quality products for your sites at competitive prices. The cost can vary depending on the selected package: for one, 2-5 or an 20 number of web resources.

Customer Support

We work closely with the user community and listen to your opinion. We provide free technical and information support for customers who purchased the Pro version of the plugin.

Plugins interaction

Many plugins integrate, perfectly interact with each other and with the products of other developers. Experiment and increase the usability of your site for administrators and users.