Creating and showing notifications to motivate users to take action on your site!


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jQuery Popup Notifications Description

Popup Notifications is a jQuery plugin for creating and showing notifications to motivate users to take action on your site! The Popup Notifications jQuery plugin will be effective in creating notifications both outside of an application or a website, but also within it — meaning that you can do dynamic changes to the way functions report back to the user, through the use of clever and intuitive notification widgets.

Use it how you need it. You get the drill: create a queue effect on your website. The user sees how busy your place is. He gets the herd effect built up. He takes action, too!

Use it anywhere & anytime

  • Create an effect of a busy store, with people buying your products every second.
  • Show that people are registering non-stop on your website
  • Show that people are signing up for your event / webinar like crazy!
  • Show that people are mentioning you on social networks
  • Imitate any other activity
  • You can also just use it to convey some real information to users


  • 20+ avaliable options
  • 32 transitions effects
  • Advanced styling options
  • Set the show mode
  • Set fontawesome or custom icon to notification
  • Any place of the site
  • Create any notification text
  • Randomize the intervals to show notifications

Includes fields:

  1. Quick start
  2. Demo layouts
  3. Documentation
  4. Source


Popup Notifications is ment to be easely implementated into almost any website or CMS system with some basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and/or server side scripting.

It is a framework for easy installation, customization and development. It is not a CMS plugin, module or widget hence it needs to be installed manually. Popup Notifications does not contain premade designs, it is a layout/framework for your custom notification design/s for static websites or dynamic (CMS).