About Wow-Company

Since June 2016, we write plugins for websites running on WordPress platform. Before the creation of Wow-Company, members of our team have worked for several third-party developers, doing jobs outsourced. At a certain point, we realized, the work with joint efforts is much more effective.

At the beginning, Wow-Company was more like a hobby, uniting friends. The more of the time and efforts were invested in cooperation – the more obvious it became to us an opting for full focus on the project. When we’ve finished the first plugin for WordPress sites, received satisfaction from a well-done job and positive customer reviews confirmed our intention to continue the work.

Principles and attitude to work.

We constantly come up with new concepts, prototype and test them. We launch the development three types of projects that:

  • have obvious practical benefits;
  • offer a unique experience for the site visitor;
  • contain a unique set of tools for webmasters.

Creating a plugin for WordPress requires a lot of time and effort. The plugin is not issued unless the verification of its work correctness has done. After the release, we constantly interact with the user community, provide free technical and informational support for customers, who have purchased the plugin full version. If anyone has a problem – everything possible is done to solve it quickly. Our products are kept updated, adjusted to the new versions of WordPress platform.

The benefits of the Wow-Company solutions.

The main feature of our plugins – the simplicity of their capabilities mutual alignment and the embedding into systems that use other developers’ plugins.

To install and configure the Wow-Company WordPress plugins a minimum of skills is needed. We create an intuitive interface with an informative description of the available options – they are simply to navigate and configure the plugins work as required.

What do we want to achieve by our work.

We consistently implement the case of plugins for WordPress platform, solving the following objectives:

  • draw the users’ attention to your site;
  • conversion simplification of a visitor into a customer;
  • the establishment of effective lead management mechanisms;
  • simplification of the database collection for the email-newsletters with integration into Mailchimp and GetResponse;
  • sales increase using social proof plugins.

Download Wow-Company’s WordPress plugins and evaluate their usability by yourself.