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Side Menu Pro Description

Features of the Side Menu PRO

The Side Menu Pro is the functional WordPress plugin that serves to add and customize unique side menus to your site. The expansion will complement the design of the resource, and increase its usability and information. It helps you to create compact navigation panels with attractive designs. Emphasize the exclusivity of your site among other websites.

  • Translate Empower your visitors to translate your website content in real-time. Integrate this link type to break down language barriers and cater to a global audience.
  • Social Sharing Boost your website's reach by incorporating a "Share" link. Choose from a staggering 29 different social media services, allowing users to effortlessly share your content across their preferred platforms.
  • Next/Previous Post Simplify post navigation for readers. These link types automatically direct users to the next or previous post within the current category, keeping them engaged and exploring related content.
  • Scroll To Top/Bottom Provide users with convenient links to instantly scroll to the top or bottom of your webpage. This is particularly helpful for long pages or content-heavy sections.
  • 🖱️Smooth Scroll Enhance user experience with smooth scrolling animations. This link type ensures a visually pleasing and seamless transition when users navigate to different sections of your webpage.
  • Print With a single click on the Print link, users can initiate the built-in printing function of their web browser. No more cumbersome text selection or manual copying.
  • Search Integrate a search function directly into your side menu. This empowers users to quickly find specific information on your website, improving overall user experience.
  • Email Integrate an Email link into your side menu, allowing users to effortlessly initiate email communication. This streamlines the process for users who may have questions, require additional information, or want to express feedback.
  • One-Click CallingProvide a Telephone link within your side menu, enabling users to directly initiate a phone call to your business with a single click. This is particularly valuable for websites with a strong focus on customer service or those offering phone consultations.
  • User Links This includes Login links for effortless account access, Logout links for secure sign-outs, Registration links for simplified account creation, and Password Recovery links for stress-free password retrieval, all readily available within the menu, empowering users to manage their accounts and interact with your website seamlessly.
  • 2000+ Icons Leverage a vast library of professional and versatile Font Awesome icons. This extensive collection encompasses a wide range of styles and categories, allowing you to find the perfect icon to visually represent your menu items
  • Custom Icons Break free from the limitations of pre-defined icon libraries. Custom icons allow you to utilize any image or icon that complements your website's design.
  • 😀Emoji and LetterSometimes, a simple emoji or letter can be the most effective way to represent a menu item. Side Menu Pro allows you to utilize emojis or individual letters as icons, offering a playful and informal touch to your menus.
  • Hiding/ShowingAllows you to control the visibility of your side menus based on the user's scroll position on the webpage.
  • Submenus By grouping related items under submenu, you can improve user experience by making navigation more intuitive and organized. Users can easily find the specific information they need without feeling overwhelmed by a long list of top-level menu items.
  • Extra Text Display extended text descriptions for labels to provide detailed menu information.
  • Custom Attributes Add specific attributes like CLASS and ID to each menu item for advanced control.
  • Display Rules Control exactly where your menus appear using shortcodes, page types, post categories/tags, author pages, and date archives.
  • Devices Rules Ensure optimal menu visibility across all devices with options to hide/remove on specific screen sizes.
  • Multilingual Support For websites catering to a global audience, Side Menu Pro allows you to restrict menu visibility to specific languages. This ensures users only see menus relevant to their chosen language setting.
  • User Role Permissions Define which user roles (e.g., Administrator, Editor, Author) have the ability to see the menu items. This can be helpful for displaying internal menus relevant only to website administrators or managing menus for specific user groups.
  • Scheduling Schedule menu appearances based on specific days, times, and dates. This allows you to promote temporary events or campaigns without cluttering your website permanently.
  • Browser Compatibility Ensure your menus display correctly across a wide range of browsers. If necessary, you can choose to hide menus for specific browsers to address compatibility issues with outdated software versions.

Comparison Table

Feature PRO Free
General Features
Unlimited Menus
Open link in new tab
Set Font Awesome
Set Custom Icon
Set Colors
Set Attributes
Set Extra Text
Hold Item Open
Create SubMenu
Item type
Share 33 Share Services
Translate page
Post Navigation Next Post, Previous Post
Search form
Actions Print, Scroll(Top, Bottom, Anchor), Go Back, Go Forward
Users Links Login, LogOut, Register, Lostpassword
Style and Setting
Menu Location
Change Size
Connect Items The “Connect Items” feature allows you to link all menu items into a cohesive block that opens simultaneously when hovered over. This creates a seamless and unified navigation experience, making it easier for users to access multiple sections quickly and efficiently. Ideal for minimalist designs, this option enhances the visual appeal and usability of your side menu.
Show/Hide after Position
Show/Hide TimeOut
Add Custom CSS
Display and Visibility Rules
Display Rules Multi Display Rules - Add several Display Rules to control exactly where your popup appear using shortcodes, page types, post categories/tags, author pages, date archives and more.
Multi Display Rules Shortcose, Everywhere
Responsive Visibility Hide on smaller screens, Hide on larger screens, Remove on Mobile, Remove on Desktop Hide on smaller screens, Hide on larger screens
Targeting and Scheduling
Permissions of Users Set specific permissions for displaying menu based on user roles. Customize which user groups (e.g., Administrators, Editors, Authors) can view or interact with your menu, ensuring relevant content reaches the appropriate audience.
URL has param Trigger the menu to show if the URL contains a specific parameter, such as menu=active, allowing targeted content delivery based on URL parameters.
Referrer URL Customize menu experiences for visitors arriving from specific websites, such as displaying a welcome message for users coming from a partner site.
Enable for Specific Language Restrict menu visibility to users with a specific language setting, ensuring that the content is relevant and understandable for the intended audience.
Schedule Control when your menu appear by scheduling them based on specific days, times, or dates. This allows you to plan and promote time-sensitive events or campaigns effectively, ensuring your messages reach users at the optimal moment.
Hide Based on Browser Customize the visibility of your menu depending on the user's browser. Selectively hide modals for specific browsers to ensure compatibility and enhance user experience across different web environments.