Designed to ease the process of creating and setting the modal windows on the WordPress site


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Wow Modal Windows Pro Description

Functional plugin Wow Modal Window Pro for CMS WordPress is designed to ease the process of creating and setting the modal windows on the site. With the help of this plugin, it is possible to monitor pop-up informational blocks flexibly. It allows to conveniently change the contents and parameters of its display. Characteristic features of this solution are its simplicity and efficiency of use.

Feature PRO Free
General Features
Unlimited Modals
HTML Content Editor
Modal Shortcodes videoBox: Embed a video from YouTube or Vimeo directly into your modal.
buttonBox: Create a button with a custom link or a close button for the modal.
iframeBox: Insert any iframe content, such as a PDF file or a map, within the modal.
wow-icon: Insert the Font Awesome Icon into the content.
w-row - create row.
w-column - create a column and has the attributes:
▻ width - this value can be from 1 to 12. Value 12 = 100% width for column.
▻ align - this value can be: left, center, right.
Styling Options
Modal Style
Modal Title Styling
Modal Close Button Styling
Triggers and Animations
Open Triggers Click, Auto, Hover, Exit, Scrolled, Right Click, Text Selected Click, Auto, Hover, Exit, Scrolled
Open/Close Custom Selectors Add custom selectors to open or close the modal window, providing greater flexibility and control over modal interactions.
Animation Choose from 28 different animation transitions to enhance your popup's visual appeal.
28 different animations No, Fade
Closing Options
Closing Modal Overlay, Esc, Auto-Close Overlay, Esc
Remove Close Button Option to remove the close button from the modal window, ensuring users focus on the content or take a required action.
Close Button Delay Set a delay before the close button appears on the modal window, ensuring users have ample time to view the content.
Redirect after Close Redirect users to a specific URL after the modal window is closed, guiding them to additional content or offers.
Close Modal After Form Submission Automatically close the modal after form submission, supporting default forms, Contact Form 7, and WP Forms.
Advanced Features
Video Support Modal Window Pro seamlessly integrates with videos from Youtube and Vimeo, offering user-friendly playback controls
Google Event Tracking Gain valuable insights into user engagement with your modals by integrating Google Analytics event tracking. This allows you to monitor how often modals are opened and closed, helping you optimize their effectiveness.
Display and Visibility Rules
Display Rules Multi Display Rules - Add several Display Rules to control exactly where your modal window appear using shortcodes, page types, post categories/tags, author pages, date archives and more. Read More
Multi Display Rules Shortcode, Everywhere
Responsive Visibility Hide on Smaller Screens, Hide on Larger Screens, Remove on Mobile, Remove on Desktop Hide on Smaller Screens, Hide on Larger Screens
Targeting and Scheduling
Permissions of Users Set specific permissions for displaying modal windows based on user roles. Customize which user groups (e.g., Administrators, Editors, Authors) can view or interact with your modals, ensuring relevant content reaches the appropriate audience.
Activate Popup by URL Trigger the modal window to open if the URL contains a specific parameter, such as modal=active, allowing targeted content delivery based on URL parameters.
Activate for Referrer URL Customize modal window experiences for visitors arriving from specific websites, such as displaying a welcome message for users coming from a partner site.
Geotargeting Show modal windows based on the geographic location of your website visitors, enhancing targeted engagement by tailoring content to regional audiences.
Show After Popup Display a modal only if a specific popup, which has the 'Show only once' option enabled, has already resulted in a conversion. This enhances targeted engagement by following up with interested users.
Enable for Specific Language Restrict modal visibility to users with a specific language setting, ensuring that the content is relevant and understandable for the intended audience.
Schedule Control when your modal windows appear by scheduling them based on specific days, times, or dates. This allows you to plan and promote time-sensitive events or campaigns effectively, ensuring your messages reach users at the optimal moment.
Hide Based on Browser Customize the visibility of your modal windows depending on the user's browser. Selectively hide modals for specific browsers to ensure compatibility and enhance user experience across different web environments.
Floating Button
Create Floating Button
Floating Button Animation