Wow Modal Windows Pro WordPress plugin — set of convenient and easy-to-use tools to create, customize and display modal windows and dialog panels your site users.

Wow Modal Windows Pro creates unlimited number of windows of a required type and puts them in the desired spot on the page, adds content using the integrated editor, and sets the conditions for displaying to the user. If cookies are used – sets a one-time or permanent display, re-demonstration after a specified number of days.

Wow Modal Windows WordPress plugin for modal windows creation suggests the following opportunities:

  • create and place pop-up panels, besides pop-up windows, and set their display animation;
  • change the background with the filling or shading intensity settings;
  • set the display options. Display modal windows on all site pages or choose separate units for demonstration;
  • activate modal window display pointing on the specified page area or clicking on the button with the specified text;
  • demonstrate PopUp windows with the users segmentation according to their registration on the site.

Adjust the window display to avoid an irritation.

PopUp activation using Wow Modal Windows Pro for WordPress is determined by several parameters, including display delay timer.

Set the window display by choosing suitable parameters of the following conditions:

  • clicking on a link or button with additional “anchor” or identification parameters;
  • opening the site, switching to the target unit or closing the page;
  • after scrolling the page to the specified place.

Use the optimal type of content to achieve the goal.

Use pop-up window plug-in on the WordPress sites to place the subscription forms, information panels, display the additional service or product image description, display GoogleMaps label.

Add content that interacts with the user in an appropriate way:

  • HTML coding or content in the tag <iframe>;
  • advertising banners;
  • individual images or whole galleries;
  • media content of all types;
  • links and buttons social networks;
  • calculators and ordering forms.