Float Menu Pro

Easily create floating menus of varying complexity

The WordPress plugin Float Menu Pro is the functional tool for easy creation the attractive floating menus. The navigation bar moves along with the scrolling of the page and always remains in visibility. It provides quick and easy access to the main content of the site. The extension allows you to adapt the menu to the design and features of the web resource.

Plugin advantages

The Float Menu Pro offers the large set of detailed settings for each item. The plugin makes it possible to add the necessary number of submenus to implement the hierarchical navigation bar. Among its main advantages:

  • creating an unlimited amount of menus on the page;
  • functional control panel;
  • selection of the position of navigation on the screen and its alignment;
  • different shapes of the buttons;
  • add and configure labels for menu items;
  • set 7 animation effects and the speed to display labels;
  • assign different indents;
  • customize the style for the submenu, select one of the 4 animation effects;
  • setting of different positions for the submenu: output under the main button, on the side or round;
  • use of the built-in modal window and style parameters for its display;
  • select more than 600+ Font awesome icons or connect custom images;
  • insert any types of links;
  • open a link in a new window;
  • select the color palette for each menu item and submenu;
  • built-in social buttons, user menu functions and print;
  • insert elements with an installed ID or class;
  • advanced editor to set the content of the built-in modal window;
  • display depending on the status and role of the user on the site;
  • edit the display in accordance with the screen resolution;
  • set the output of the navigation bar on pages with the specified language (creating multilingual menus);
  • display the panel on all or individual pages, insert the menu through the shortcode, use exceptions, IDs and categories of the site.

The built-in modal window can serve to inform users, add and output via shortcode feedback forms, subscriptions, counter and much more.


The Float Menu Pro extension will simplify the navigation for the web resource visitors and increase the convenience of its use. With its help you can quickly find the information that you need and navigate through the sections of the site. The administrator can easily customize the menu for individual requests. It has the large arsenal of tools:

  • flexible setting of the floating menu style. Set the position and align the navigation bar depending on the theme design. Select the style of the menu buttons of one of the proposed shapes. Include the display of labels, customize the animation and display speed. Add spaces between labels, basic elements and submenus;
  • edit the parameters of the submenu output. Choose the style to display items: under the main button, on the side or round. Set the indents, add an animation effect and change the speed of its playback;
  • style settings of the built-in modal window. Align the pop-up block horizontally and vertically. Specify the main color for the window display, change the style of its corners;
  • detailed editing of menu items. Specify the type for each button, set the text for the label, change the color design;
  • built-in Font awesome icon font or custom image. Choose unique icons for each button and submenu items. Use the convenient division by categories and the search function;
  • large selection of types to set button functions. Add any types of links, set their opening in a new window. Use the built-in social buttons, the main user menu and the print function. Customize the output of various elements by the ID or class;
  • built-in modal window. Enter the title of the pop-up block and add different content. The editor with the expanded functionality allows to connect forms, counters, calculators and much more through shortcodes. Use formatting with HTML to fine-tune the settings;
  • set the output of the menu depending on the status and role of the site visitor. Set the navigation panel to be displayed to all or only authorized users. Change the set of functions for the administrator, editor, subscribers and others;
  • display parameters according to the screen resolution. Limit the display of menus on screens larger or smaller than the specified number of pixels;
  • create multilingual panels. Specify the menu output depending on the used language;
  • customize the display on all or specific pages, edit the display with exceptions, IDs, site categories and insert shortcodes.

The plugin makes it possible to change the floating navigation bar for personal taste. It increases the visibility of the web resource and its usability.

Can be used for:

  • site navigation;
  • social panel;
  • user menu;
  • multilingual navigation panels;
  • Skype menu;
  • additional panel;
  • adaptive menu for PC and mobile devices;
  • floating panel with feedback and other.

Compatibility with other popular plugins

Using the Float Menu Pro will allow site users to get quick access to the main functions and content. Installing the plugin will make it possible to create and easily customize the bright floating menus for your requests. It remains in the visibility zone of the visitor of the page, regardless of its location on the site. The modern tool has the large selection of settings to increase usability of the resource, its attractiveness and recognition.

Add “hide/show” option to the menu
Thanks for your plugin, could you please add “hide/show” option to the menu, for example be possible to add hide/show button (or small icon instead of button) to the menu that if client want to hide it temporary for view content better or etc.
horizontal extensions?
isn\'t it possible to make menu extend in horizontal way? each button comes out \"inline\" main button, and label can come out from the bottom or top of the button, like this (labels are an example of both): label3 1 ---- 2 ---- 3 ---- 4 label2
Menu Saving
When you save in the menu screen, it should NOT always kick you back to the settings page. This is crazy!
Email antispambot()-function
The email address within Float Menu seems not to be secured. Add the possible Add the ability to protect email
Make the label visible
Make the label visible all the time – not only on mouse over
Description for options
Add descriptions for each option
  • Любомир Андріїв Purchased
    5.0 rating

    Super ! Easy and fast, it’s exactly what you need!

  • Nicholas O'Halloran Purchased
    5.0 rating

    All was so easy to install into word press straight away also a licence key provided, and after activation what a fantastic product

  • Seth G Purchased
    5.0 rating

    Good plugin, does what you need it to do. I use it on all of my websites for easy navigation.

  • Ricardo Ruiz Purchased
    5.0 rating

    As a designer many times I found a headache trying to change menus in frameworks that really fit themes. Now with all this Menus I’ve tons of possibilities for my/client projects! The best is I can combine many plugins! so this make all have same look and feel. Great job again, so KUDOS!

    PS. Really the support Rocks!

  • Manuel Goncalves Purchased
    5.0 rating

    The Float Menu Pro is the best plugin I came across. It is flexible, beautifully designed and it does what it says. Keep the good work WOW-Company.

  • Дмитрий Иванов Purchased
    5.0 rating

    A good plugin! Support quickly answered my question, attaching a screenshot of the settings. Thank’s!

  • Robert Short Purchased
    5.0 rating

    Very cool product. Simple and customizable plugin that adds some nice functionality to your site. Good support too, I found a bug they fixed right away.