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Quickly and easily create countdowns, counters, and timers with a live preview.


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Counter Box Pro Description

Powerful Counter Box Features

Counter Box Pro is a WordPress plugin for quickly and easily creating countdowns, counters, and timers with a live preview. Counter Box Pro is a great way to inform visitors and add some temporary relevance to the service or product offering.

  • Countdown to Date Launch a classic countdown timer that reaches zero on a specific date and time you set. Perfect for creating anticipation for events like Christmas sales or product launches.
  • Weekly Countdown Set a recurring countdown that resets each week on a specific day and time. use this to generate excitement for events like «Countdown to friday's happy hour!"
  • Time Since Track the elapsed time from a chosen date in the past. This is ideal for showcasing milestones like "Years Since Google's Founding" or "Company Anniversary."
  • Simple Timer Create a timer that counts down from a set duration and resets when the page refreshes. Motivate users to stay engaged by displaying a time-limited offer.
  • Personal Timer Set a unique timer for each user that starts and resets after the timer expires, even if the user refreshes the page. This allows you to personalize offers or display time-sensitive discounts for each visitor.
  • Resumable Timer Establish a persistent timer for each user that tracks the total countdown duration. When the user leaves the page, the timer pauses. Upon returning, the timer resumes counting down from where it left off. This is useful for limited-time promotions or gamification elements.
  • Base Counter Create a versatile counter that can either count up or down to a specific value. This can be used for various purposes, such as displaying social proof by showcasing "Products Sold Today" or creating a sense of urgency with a "Limited Stock Remaining" counter.
  • Counter (From Date) Set a base value at a specific date and time, and then continuously increment the value at a chosen interval. This allows you to track metrics like "Current World Population" based on estimated growth rates.
  • Counter (From Weekday) Create a counter that resets each week on a chosen weekday and starts incrementing again. This is useful for displaying statistics like "Births Today" or "Website Visits this Week."
  • Number Formatting Enhance the readability of your counters by adding delimiters to separate large numbers.
  • Hide Block This action hides a specific block of content on your webpage after the countdown finishes. This is useful for revealing content after a promotional period or after users complete a specific action.
  • Show Block This action shows a previously hidden block of content on your webpage after the countdown finishes. This allows you to display content that becomes relevant only after the counter reaches zero.
  • Redirect This action redirects users to a different URL after the countdown finishes. This is useful for sending users to a product page after a launch or to a confirmation page after a registration countdown.
  • Hide the counter box This action hides the entire counter box itself from the webpage after the countdown finishes. This provides a clean look once the countdown is complete.
  • Show the message This action displays a custom message of your choice on the webpage after the countdown finishes. This allows you to inform users about what happens next or provide them with additional information.
  • Call any function This action offers the most flexibility. It allows you to trigger any custom JavaScript function you define in your code after the countdown finishes. This enables you to perform advanced actions or integrate the counter with other functionalities on your webpage.
  • Activate by URL Target specific pages based on URL parameters (e.g., show a counter only on page with URL parameter).
  • Activate by Referrer URL Tailor counter experiences for visitors arriving from particular websites.
  • GeotargetingTake your counter to the next level with geotargeting functionality! This powerful plugin feature allows you to display targeted counter based on the country location of your website visitors.
  • Responsive Visibility Choose to hide the counter on mobile or desktop devices to optimize for different screen sizes.
  • Scheduling Schedule counter appearances based on specific days, times, and dates. This allows you to promote temporary events or campaigns without cluttering your website permanently.
  • User Role Define which user roles (e.g., Administrator, Editor, Author) have the ability to see the counter. This can be helpful for displaying internal counter relevant only to website administrators or for specific user groups.
  • Multi-Language For websites catering to a global audience, Counter Box Pro allows you to restrict counter visibility to specific languages. This ensures users only see button relevant to their chosen language setting.
  • Browsers Deactivate counters selectively for specific browsers.
  • Lightweight & Efficient The plugin operates without jQuery, relying solely on JavaScript for efficient performance.
  • GDPR Compliant The plugin leverages a cookie-free approach, ensuring compliance with data privacy regulations.