Counter Box Pro

Quickly and easily create countdowns, counters, and timers with a live preview.

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Counter Box Pro is a WordPress plugin for quickly and easily creating countdowns, counters, and timers with a live preview. Counter Box Pro is a great way to inform visitors and add some temporary relevance to the service or product offering.

Awesome Features

Different Types

7 different types of counter: Countdown to date, Count from date, Countdown to week day, Timer, Timer for each user, Timer Stop & Go, Counter.


6 targets that can be triggered after the counter ends: Hide Block, Show Block, Redirect, Hide the counter box, Show the message, Call any function


Set your local timezone for the counter.

Delimiter of number

Divide the digits of the counter into digits


Randomizer is the unique feature that lets your countdowns appear extremely realistic.

Highly Customizable

Build a more powerful and influential style for your counter. Change fonts, colors, size for each element of counter


Add scheduling options to your counter. With multiple schedule types, you can precisely schedule your counter in just a few minutes.

User dependence

Show counter depending on user (for all users, only for logged-in users, only for not logged-in users).

Multi language

The condition for display the counter depending on the language of the site. It is good to use if you have a website in several languages and you need to show different counter for a different language.

Live Editor

Creating the counter style live.

Vanilla JS

Without using jQuery