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The WordPress plugin Wow Herd Effects Pro – an effective marketing tool designed to stimulate the conversion of site visitors into customers. It helps you to configure and place animated notifications in the required location of the web resource, showing the activity of the registered users. The extension is designed to create a “sense of queue” or “herd effect”, motivating the visitors of the page to perform any actions.

Plugin advantages

The Wow Herd Effects Pro can demonstrate the demand for a product or service of the company, constant registration of new users, subscription to e-mailing or various events. The tool allows you to edit easily the appearance of the pop-up notification under the site layout. Among the advantages of the plugin:

  • generation of notifications based on the template;
  • unlimited amount of the notification sets;
  • use of the template with the text and variables specified by the administrator;
  • the ability to enter an attractive title for a pop-up alert;
  • set time variables that increase the realistic effect of the demonstration;
  • more than 1400+ Font Awesome 5 icons and a convenient search function;
  • insert custom images;
  • the ability to enter values for each variable;
  • detailed adjustment of the herd notification style;
  • precise position of the element when displaying;
  • selecting the color scheme for the pop-up alert;
  • set output, specify the intervals for the appearance and closing of the element;
  • large selection of animation effects;
  • display only for a specified period of time (from and to);
  • use and set a notification link;
  • notifications number control;
  • displaying for all or only for particular category of the users;
  • adjust output depending on the resolution of the device screen;
  • set the display according to the selected language for sites with localization;
  • alerts demonstration on all or individual pages of a web resource, using exceptions, categories and IDs, inserting shortcode and more.

Selecting the most effective text structures for the target audience will attract the attention of more users. The plugin will allow you to customize and display both classic variants of notification templates and original ones.


The Wow Herd Effects Pro extension makes it easy to create bright and attractive pop-up notifications. With its help you can show the user a fictitious or actual activity on the site. The resource administrator receives a functional set of tools to create the “herd effect” alerts:

  • detailed configuration of the pop-up notification template. Change the standard template for personal requests, use variables effectively in the text to achieve maximum impact on the user. Enter the attention-grabbing title of the message;
  • Font awesome icon font or insert a custom image. Issue an alert with a unique icon, improving the visual perception of the output. Use the quick search for options by category and name of the elements;
  • set values for each variable. Enter the required data, listing them with a comma. Set the minimum and maximum numeric values;
  • flexible style settings. Use the border to decorate the notification, set the width and the degree of corners rounding. Increase the attractiveness of the pop-up message by selecting a color for its background, border, text, and icon;
  • set the position of the notification output. Place the item on the site, depending on personal wishes. Edit the display point based on the distance from the top and bottom of the page, its left and right borders;
  • select the display option. Set a stable or a random output of the notification. Random time intervals add more realistic effect;
  • auto-close option. Make the alert closing independent of the user’s actions;
  • herd notifications number control. Limit the number of simultaneously displayed alerts;
  • set the animation. Choose your favorite animation effects for demonstration when the object appears and disappears;
  • notification link. Turn the alert into a link and set its opening in the current or new window;
  • output in a specified period of time. Define the restrictions for displaying a pop-up notification from and to the allotted time interval;
  • display depending on the status and role of the user. Set the output of notifications only to registered users or to all users;
  • limitation on screen expansion. Set the ban on displaying notifications on devices with a small extension;
  • display according to the language. Specify language parameters to display on pages with localization;
  • output on the site or in individual posts. Use the IDs, exceptions, categories and insertion through the shortcode to fine-tune the notification display.

The herd effect makes it possible to form demand for certain groups of goods and services. With its help, you can easily attract the attention of visitors of the page to the upcoming event or demonstrate the popularity of the resource.

Can be used for:

  • pop-up alerts;
  • notifications of user registration;
  • messages with information about the purchase of goods;
  • notifications about payment for the service;
  • subscription notifications of a new user;
  • pop-up message about social network sharing;
  • notifications about the entry for the event and much more.

Compatibility with other popular plugins

The Wow Herd Effects Pro is a functional tool to create a “sense of queue” on the site. Purchasing the plugin will allow you to influence the target audience of the resource. It helps you to increase the conversion and to attract more users to the site. Pop-up notifications create a “herd effect”, prompting page visitors for various actions.

  • Powerful Editor
  • Excellent Animation
  • Custom Style
  • Place them anywhere
  • Insert Any Content
  • Customize Close Button
  • Insert custom images
  • Mobile Optimized
  • Font Awesome 5
  • Ability to enter an attractive title
  • Functions
  • Use and set a notification link
  • Insert close button
  • Display only for a specified period of time (from and to)
  • Ability to enter values for each variable
  • Set output, specify the intervals for the appearance and closing of the element
  • Notifications number control
  • Displaying for all or only for a particular category of the users
  • Adjust output depending on the resolution of the device screen
  • Set the display according to the selected language for sites with localization
  • Demonstration on all or individual pages of a web resource

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Pausing the notification
Hi I found it is handy to add a feature of pausing the notification from the dashboard. Can you consider of this? Thanks.
Center text and icon
At the moment, the icon and text is not centered (top-to-bottom) in the \"balloon.\"
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  • Luc Brialy
    5.0 rating

    I took the time to test everything. It works very well!
    I was also very impressed by your fast and efficient support.
    Thank you so much!

  • Yousuf Shakeel
    5.0 rating

    this is very nice plugin

  • Kimi Ko
    5.0 rating

    This plugin really² help increase my conversion sales on my landing pages.. Super awesome plugin ever if you want to increase your sales..

  • Infinity Media
    5.0 rating

    This plugin really improve the conversion rate.

  • Jules
    5.0 rating

    Really looking forward to using this plugin. Tried the free version, but the pro seems to have more features and seems well worth the money.

  • Ricardo Ruiz
    5.0 rating

    I think this plugin is perfect if you really want to convert visitors into potential clients! I’ll be using this plugin for different projects as well. I already found a great initial usage which is to show real testimonials of my clients in different time, so this will continue increasing my revenue!

  • Anonymous User
    5.0 rating

    I’ve purchased this plugin back in March 2017 and I love it so much. I split test my offers and this has boosted my conversions a lot. This “social proof” definitely helps with conversions and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to increase their conversions and sales!

  • Cristian Marin
    5.0 rating

    I love it! Best plugin ever used!

  • Braulio
    4.0 rating

    I haven’t had a chance to fully explore the plugin, but I like what it’s supposed to do and I am looking forward to activating into my client’s site

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