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WordPress plugin designed to generate and manage sticky Floating Buttons, capable of performing any defined actions on your website.


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How do we get it?

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Floating Button Pro Description

Features of the Floating Button PRO

Floating Button Pro is the unique WordPress plugin to create sticky Floating Buttons with any Actions on your site. The extension can enhance the functionality of the installed theme. By clicking on the main button, the user sees the number of submenus specified in the settings. The plugin can be used to place a traditional menu on the web resource or output additional navigation panels.

Enhanced User Experience

  • Effortless Social Sharing: Integrate 33 social sharing buttons to spread your content across popular platforms.
  • Vertical Scrolling: Enable quick navigation to top/bottom of the page.
  • Browser History Navigation: Allow users to navigate back and forth through their browsing history.
  • Smooth Scrolling: Create a smooth scrolling experience to any element on your page.
  • Next/Previous Post Links: Offer intuitive links for navigating blog posts.
  • Print Function: Enable users to print the page directly.
  • User Navigation Links: Include built-in links for login, logout, registration, and password recovery.
  • 2000+ Icons & Emojis + Custom Images: Choose from a vast library of icons, emojis, or upload your own custom images to personalize your buttons.
  • Multiple Shapes & Sizes: Select from various shapes (Circle, Ellipse, Square, Rounded Square) and adjust button and sub-button sizes for a perfect fit.
  • Customizable Icons: Integrate custom icon libraries beyond FontAwesome Free using the "Icon Classes" feature.
  • Detailed Tooltips: Provide informative tooltips with adjustable size, and choose to keep them open on page load for instant information access.
  • Submenus: Create nested menus for organized navigation.
  • Scroll & Timed Display: Control button visibility based on user scrolling behavior or set timers for automatic appearance/disappearance.
  • Conditional Display Rules: Show/hide buttons based on specific pages, devices, user login status, browser type, language, or even schedule them to appear during certain timeframes.
  • Extra Style & Animations: Add custom styles and choose from various animation options to bring your buttons to life and enhance user experience.