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Button Generator Pro Changelog

The Button Generator plugin allows you to create stylish responsive buttons with a variety of CSS effects and informational badges.

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What's new?

== Version 3.0 ==

New Button Types

Take Your Buttons to the Next Level with Dynamic Hover Effects

Get ready to elevate your website's interactivity with the latest update for Button Generator! We've introduced a fantastic new feature - hover effects - that lets you add engaging animations to your buttons, grabbing user attention and boosting clicks.

Button Settings Effects

Customize Your Buttons with Diverse Icon Options

The latest Button Generator update expands your creative arsenal with a wider range of icon options for your buttons! Now you can choose the perfect icon type to enhance your website's visual appeal and user experience.

Unleash Your Icon Choices:

Expanded Button Management

WordPress Button Generator List


Deeper Analytics

We've integrated an option for "Google Events Tracking." This allows you to track user clicks on specific button within Google Analytics, providing valuable insights into user behavior.

Buttons Tracking

Granular Button Display Control

The ability to add multiple rules for displaying menus on specific website pages has been introduced. This offers greater control over where your buttons appear

New Display Rule Options:

Resource Optimization

A new option allows you to choose not to download the button on mobile devices or desktops. This is designed to optimize resource usage, particularly on mobile devices with potentially limited processing power.


Advanced Scheduling

Unleash even more control over button visibility with the introduction of multi-scheduling. This feature allows you to define specific times and dates when button appear on your website.

Schedule Rules

Advanced Customization:

Button Generator Content

Improved User Experience:

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Additional Enhancements: