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Float Menu Pro

Use the smart WordPress plugin Float Menu Pro to increase the usability level of the site. Implement your unique floating menu using advanced tool settings. It perfectly adapts to any design of the web resource…

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Marketing Package

The set of extensions is designed to increase the conversion and generate the flow of leads on the WordPress sites. Plugin installation will help attract more potential customers to the site. Use the opportunity to…

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Vertical Icon Menu Pro

The Vertical Icon Menu Pro WordPress plugin is designed to create a vertical menu with icon elements. You can implement a compact navigation bar with it. This plugin will be a fresh and informative solution…

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Slide Menu Pro

Create bright pullout menu with the Slide Menu Pro plugin for the WordPress sites. To open it just click on the compact hamburger icon in the page corner. This plugin can contain the large number…

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Border Menu Pro

The Border Menu Pro WordPress plugin is the unique tool for creating the pull-down menu on the page borders. This is the conceptually new approach in the design and development of the site structure. It…

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Bubble Menu Pro

Use the WordPress plugin Bubble Menu Pro to enhance the functionality of your theme. Highlight the most important things: the site navigation icons, feedback, subscription and ordering forms. The plugin sets the submenu that is…

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Wow Icons Pro

Wow Icons Pro – the suite of tools for easy icons placement and display customizing. Make your website more user friendly, due to the informative icons placement from the built-in plugin fonts.

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Wow Google Login Pro

Use Wow Google Login Pro plugin to make a registration and authorization process easier for your site users. Activate the plugin tools to improve the efficiency of email-marketing strategy that you use!

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Wow Facebook Login Pro

Engage Wow Facebook Login Pro plugin for users’ registration and authorization on your website in one click. Use plugin instruments for selected efficiency growth of the email-marketing strategy, and simple involvement of potential users in a website life

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Wow Skype Buttons Pro

Activate plugin WordPress Wow Skype Buttons Pro to interact with users. Take orders, advise or provide services directly through Skype – one of the most popular instant messengers in the world

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Wow Viral Signups Pro

set up a WordPress plugin Wow Viral Signups Pro by one of the 4 scenarios, ensuring the inflow of visitors on your site. Use the plugin to create conditions that meet best the behavior of the target audience

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Wow Herd Effects Pro

Increase goods and services demand with the help of plugin Wow Herd Effects Pro for WordPress. Show social proofs of your trade offer value to the users, creating by this an agiotage!

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Wow Countdowns Pro

Wow Countdowns Pro – a plugin for Wordpress sites, which adds a counter or countdown timer – effective tools for increasing online sales conversion.

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Wow Forms Pro

Place unobtrusive and effective forms of feedback with adjustable design and content for your Wordpress site using Wow Modal Windows Pro plugin

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Wow Modal Windows Pro

Create unobtrusive and effective PopUp windows with any content for your Wordpress site using Wow Modal Windows Pro plugin

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Wow Side Menus Pro

Use WordPress Plugin Wow Side Menus Pro to add recognition in the design of the site, and add widgets for easy user registration, services ordering or request to the online support service.

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Yandex Money Payment Gateway for WooCommerce

This plugin lets you easily implement Yandex Money Payment Gateway to your WooCommerce webstore.

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Interkassa Payment Gateway for EDD

This plugin lets you easily implement Interkassa Payment Gateway to work with your EasyDigitalDownloads plugin-based store

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Yandex Money Payment Gateway for EDD

This plugin lets you easily implement Yandex Money for EDD to work with your EasyDigitalDownloads-based store

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Liqpay for Easy Digital Downloads

This plugin lets you easily implement Liqpay Payment Gateway to work with your EasyDigitalDownloads plugin-based store.

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Make WordPress site productive and profitable

The Wow-Company WordPress plugins family includes effective tools to improve the conversion rate of your online business. Each of our company’s solutions – is an elaborated and realized with attention to details product, which comprise a set of necessary tools. With their help, the plugin can be easily adapted for a specific type of activity and behavior nuances of the target audience. This makes possible to fully use the plugins opportunities and expand their practical application scenarios.

Make your project visually memorable and easy to use.

Download for free our WordPress plugins or buy the Pro version for access to the full range of options.

Use Wow plugins for any WordPress site, which involves interaction with users. After the installation of our plug-ins, customers show 15-35% profit increase for blogs, online stores and other online operating business models.

Why our products are better than other competitive.

The WordPress plugins market is full of the same type solutions, offering similar functionality, options range and settings. You should use plug-ins, developed by the Wow-Company, if the following advantages are important for you:
  • easy and convenient. The step by step installation process described in the Readme. To configure and activate the plugin, it’s enough to have basic WordPress skills;
  • flexible adaptation up to your tasks. Customize the appearance of the plug-ins and text description fields for organic display on your WordPress theme;
  • the actualized state of the plug-ins. We track the platform versions updating and support the performance of our products; eliminate bugs;
  • free customer support when purchasing the Pro-version;
  • competitive prices. The cost of the plugin full version depends on the number of sites on which you want to install the desired product. All customers get the permanent 30% discount for the plugin free version rating;
  • the plugin potential evaluation before its purchasing. Use the free version with limited functionality for recognition of the usefulness of purchasing the full version.
Make your WordPress site effective with the Wow-Company plugins.

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