Wow Forms Pro

Powerful form builder. Create any kind of forms. Create any kind of lead magnets.


Main features

  • Create any kind of forms. For example, email opt-ins, contact forms, feedback forms, order forms, inquiry forms, phone call request forms, etc.
  • Add any field type you want: input, select, checkbox, radio, textarea
  • Receive the form data to your email
  • Save emails to a list
  • Integration with email services: MailChimp, Getresponse. Automatically stream captured emails to these services.
  • Customize any texts: button text, placeholder texts, confirmation texts, error texts
  • Insert forms anywhere with a shortcode
  • Submit on Enter key
  • Unlimited amount of forms
  • Setup content lockers. Ultimate tool for capturing emails
  • Powerful visual styling
  • Export emails to csv and xlsx

Other features

  • Specify the input and select field height
  • Specify the textarea height
  • Specify the submit button’s text
  • Specify the duration for auto-closing the confirmation text
  • Specify the email address to receive the form data
  • Specify the subject for the emails you receive from the form