Wow Side Menus Pro

WordPress Plugin Wow Side Menus Pro was created to highlight the site compared to other resources that are using a similar design template. By installing the plugin, you also enhance ease of use and the informative content of each page of the web-resource.

The plugin is compatible with another product developed by our company – Wow Modal Windows. Their concurrent use will render dialog and modal windows in the side panels of the site and thereby make the design more concise and user-friendly.

Key features Wow Side Menus, plugin for creation side menus in WordPress:

  • place the menus with an unlimited number of items on the left and right sides of the page;
  • insert links, anchor text, and other elements of the site navigation, and modal windows (about the conditions of the installation Wow Modal Windows plugin);
  • use the built-in social networks buttons to help users find your accounts and for information spreading about the site;
  • give the user the ability to print the page quickly or go back to its beginning by the integrated buttons “up” and “print”;
  • set the displaying of different menus, depending on the site’s page or the language selected by the user;
  • select the display styles, and displayed icons from the plugin directory;
  • show a different set of items to registered users and visitors.

Make your website more user friendly!

Use Side Menus for WordPress plugin with Wow Modal Windows for demonstration of all types of notifications. Assign a sidebar as a navigation element of the site using the anchor links. For example, to redirect the visitor to the page “features” just add the <a href=”#features”> to the menu item and set the same id for element, to which will drive redirection (in our case, <div id = “features”>).

After adding the plugins Wow Modal Windows Pro and Wow Forms Pro side menus will become the basis for placing registration and authorization forms, collecting subscriber base for email newsletters.