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Install and Activate plugin

In order to utilize any of our WordPress plugins, you’ll need to first install and activate them. There are two different ways it can be done. One is via the WordPress installer and the other is via FTP.


The process is just like installing a normal plugin. In your WordPress dashboard, go to Plugins → Add New.


From there you’ll see an option for Upload Plugin.

upload plugins

Use the file chooser, navigate your computer files and select the .ZIP file for your downloaded extension.


Once it’s uploaded, click the “ Activate” link.


After Installing

Once you’ve installed and activated your plugin there are several things you should do.

Enter Your License

If you plugin has a license key you’ll want to go to Plugin Page →  Licenses and enter the key there and click “Save Changes” . If you don’t have a key then you can skip this step.

License Key

Activate Your License

After saving the license key, you have to activate theme

Activate license

Diactivate License

That’s all, now you can use the plugin

License Keys Not Activating

If you are having trouble to activate your License key, here are some tips to help resolve common issues.

Requests blocked by a security plugin

Security plugins for WordPress often have features that interfere with the license key API requests. These features tend to make the activation (and other API requests) return an unexpected response, causing the activation routine to fail.
The iThemes Security plugin is known to have a setting that can cause this issue. The setting is called Filter Suspicious Query Strings in the URL
To resolve the issue, simply disable the Filter Suspicious Query Strings in the URL setting. If you’re not using iThemes Security, it will be named something different, though similar.

Requests blocked by special .htaccess rules

Some sites will add special rules to the .htaccess file in order to block certain IP addresses or add additional protection to the site.
If you have any special .htaccess rules in place and license keys are not activated, try removing the rules and then activating license keys. If the license keys activate properly now, you will need to adjust the rules to allow the licensing API routines to function.

Requests blocked by a coming soon or maintenance plugin

If you are using a coming soon or maintenance mode plugin, it’s likely that license keys will not be able to be activated, since the coming soon / maintenance mode plugin will block the requests. To resolve the issue, simply deactivate the maintenance mode or coming soon plugin. If you need to leave it active, deactivate it temporarily to test the license key activation process and then reactivate the plugin.

Download Failed: Unauthorized

This is happening either because the license key is expired or it is not activated on the URL the extension is installed on. This can sometimes happen if you install the plugin and activate the license key on a temporary URL and then update the site to the final URL.
To resolve the problem,  log into your account, click on the License Keys tab, then click on the Manage Sites link for the license key. From that page you will be able to add or remove URLs  for the license. Once the proper URL is registered on the license key, you will be able to install the update.

If your license key is expired, you will need to renew it before you can install the update. The status of your license key will be shown on the License Keys tab of your account page.

Do you offer free trials?

We do not offer trial versions of our premium extensions, but we do have a 15 day money-back guarantee, allowing you to purchase any extension risk free. You have up to 15 days after purchasing to determine if purchased extensions are right for you. If you determine they do not suit your needs, you may request a refund at any time within the first 15 days after purchase.

You may contact our support team at anytime if you have questions about an extension.

If an extension does not work out for you, simply contact us within the 15 days for a full refund. See our refund policy here.

If your license key is expired, you will need to renew it before you can install the update. The status of your license key will be shown on the License Keys tab of your account page.