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How do we get it?

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Appearance Calculators Description

Awesome Features


Insert the calculator into a page/record via shortcode


Configuring the display of calculators to specific user groups


Possibility to customize the style of the calculators.

List of Body Calculators in the plugin:

Title Demo Link
1 Ideal Body Proportions
2 Percentage body fat
3 Ideal proportions for growth
4 Circumference Bodyfat
5 Body Mass For Men
6 Body Mass for Women
8 Proportionality of body
9 3-Point Skin Fold Bodyfat
10 Body Fat
11 Ideal Weight
12 Daily Points Plus Allowance
13 Burned Calories
14 Activity Points
15 Standards growth
16 Full Body Analysis
17 Waist to Height Ratio
18 Golden Ratio Face
19 Fat Free Mass Index
20 Body Adiposity Index
21 Propoints Weight Watchers