Cardiology Calculators

Set of calculators for calculating cardiology parameters packed in WordPress plugin.

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Awesome Features


Insert the calculator into a page/record via shortcode


Configuring the display of calculators to specific user groups


Possibility to customize the style of the calculators.

List of Cardiology Calculators in the plugin:

Title Demo Link
1 CHA2DS2-VASc Score
2 Aortic valve area
3 Heart blood volume
4 Pulmonary vascular resistance
5 QT corrected interval
6 Target pulse rate
7 Intermittent claudication test
8 Heart electrical cycle interval
9 TIMI Risk Index
10 Right Ventricular Stroke Work Index
11 Mean arterial pressure
12 Framingham risk score
13 Ejection fraction
14 Congestive stroke risk
15 Cardiac output