jQuery Counters

jQuery Counters – marketing tool for increasing the conversion of purchases by creating a scarcity effect, urgency effect and social proof via any counters, countdowns and timers with triggers.

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  • Countdown to a certain date
  • Countdown for a certain time
  • Counter with any amount
  • Set a cookie for visitors
  • Set Up triggers when the count ends
  • 8 demos included
  • Custom styling

What can you use the Multi Counters for?

  • Create scarcity effect with limited amount of whatever you are offering
  • Create urgency effect with limited time offers
  • Create social proof by showing how popular your offer is & how many people are rushing in to buy it
  • Setup limited-time offers. Setup limited-amount offers
  • Time anything

Includes fields:

  1. Quick start
  2. Demo layouts
  3. Documentation
  4. Source


jQuery Counters is ment to be easely implementated into almost any website or CMS system with some basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and/or server side scripting.

It is a framework for easy installation, customization and development. It is not a CMS plugin, module or widget hence it needs to be installed manually. jQuery Counters does not contain premade designs, it is a layout/framework for your custom notification design/s for static websites or dynamic (CMS).