Marketing Package

  • ONE-time Payment (No recurring fees)
  • LifeTime License
  • LifeTime Support
  • LifeTime Updates
  • Product Quality Control
  • Adding Tasks for Future Updates

The set of extensions is designed to increase the conversion and generate the flow of leads on the WordPress sites. Plugin installation will help attract more potential customers to the site. Use the opportunity to establish the quality feedback from users.

All plugins are able to capture the attention of visitors and motivate them to perform targeted actions on the site. Each of them is important due its functional features, and together they are aim to increase profits and achieve results.

The bundle included are 7 unique extensions:

When you purchase the full set, you save 20% of the amount spent on the purchase of each plugin separately. The purchase is accompanied by 1 year of regular support and version updates. You can choose one of the offered packages – for the one, several or unlimited number of sites.

Who will use this set?

To anyone who wants to build a profitable business in the Internet. To owners of online stores, landings, information sites, thematic communities and blogs. The set will be indispensable for developers of the web resources, related to e-commerce, and many others.

Which of the plugins will be more useful or better to use them all?

Much depends on the conversion chain, which must be implemented on the site. All plugins are easily installed and disabled, and therefore can be used at any time. Determine with which of the proposed options the user will be able to interact as simply as possible. What will give the effective result for your particular project?