Vertical Icon Menu Pro

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The Vertical Icon Menu Pro WordPress plugin is designed to create a vertical menu with icon elements. You can implement a compact navigation bar with it. This plugin will be a fresh and informative solution well complementing the site design.

The vertical menu with icons has many advantages:

  • ability to add a large number of items. The navigation bar will have a neat appearance. Designers don’t need to worry about the width page capacity;
  • correct display on the different sizes screens. It’s easy to work on a tablet or smartphone with it;
  • expressive style. An interesting menu will perfectly fit into the design of a modern web resource;
  • space saving. The graphical sidebar will be an indispensable solution for sites overloaded with information;
  • simplify the orientation of the resource. The eloquent icons will be able to send a user to the desired section from any page.

The Vertical Icon Menu Pro plugin allows you to customize vertical icon menu in accordance with your site requirements.

The Vertical Icon Menu Pro is a functional tool not only for navigation.

Sidebar, created via the Vertical Icon Menu Pro, is designed to provide users convenient access to information. It scrolls along with the site content. In addition to navigation, the plugin allows you to create social and custom menus. Use the Vertical Icon Menu Pro capabilities for their fine tinctures.

Functional features of the Vertical Icon Menu Pro:

  • place vertical navigation on the left or right side of the site;
  • change the menu size and its items;
  • select the color of the background and the elements themselves, set its changes when hovering the mouse cursor;
  • use icon libraries to select thematic icons;
  • provide access to all or only authorized users;
  • attach links to the menu items, the ability to share on social networks, register, authorize, print and more.

It is important to adhere to the principle of good visual recognition, when choosing icons. It will facilitate the user’s work with the site.