Wow Viral Signups Pro

Signup with limited slots and viral sharing
  • ONE-time Payment (No recurring fees)
  • LifeTime License
  • LifeTime Support
  • LifeTime Updates
  • Product Quality Control
  • Adding Tasks for Future Updates

Run the “viral” subscription on your site with WordPress plugin Wow Viral Signups Pro. Use the included plugin tools for solving a wide range of marketing tasks, which are built on creating outward appearance of deficit for the potential user of your site.

The plugin launches 4 new user registration scenarios to choose from:

  1. Regular registration. The form is used to collect users’ email-addresses.
  2. Registration with the offer to receive bonuses for the invitation of referrals.
  3. Registration with limited availability. It is used to organize events, create the effect of ownership or elitism.
  4. Limited availability registration with the referral system.

Use the plugin’s possibilities for WordPress with registering by the referral link to create a situation in which the potential users will be keenly interested in registering and mobilizing friends using the referral program.

Easy setup and extensive range of functions

The registration form is inserted anywhere on your site using the short code generated by the plugin. Use the plugin to create an unlimited number of forms. Select the most effective approach to attract new users. Registration takes place without a page refresh.

Each form can be adjusted individually in the built-in editor. Affiliate registration Plugin for WordPress Wow Viral Signups Pro provides the following features:

  • set the form style for seamless integration into the design of your site on WordPress;
  • Use Wow Viral Signups Pro for start-up companies, designed for tens of thousands of subscribers – a list of email addresses has an unlimited number of fields;
  • build contact with subscribers through welcome letters and other features, available through the user export automation into the lists of MailChimp and Getresponse services;
  • specify the required number of registrations for the referral program. The user who scored the required number of registrations is automatically transferred to the referrals list. It makes easier to monitor progress and distribution of awards;
  • configure a unique shape for links, distributed via the referral program, add the anchors into them for transferring to the required landing page screen;
  • export the subscribers base in the formats * .csv and * .xlsx.

Set Wow Viral Signups Pro and configure it by following the step-by-step instructions in Readme. Create a unique text, focused on the target audience, including one that will be shown on Facebook. Place in the form “share” buttons for Twitter and Facebook.

Fraud protection is integrated in the plugin (Session Tracking), which prevents users to enter different email addresses. For greater efficiency, use Viral Signups with other products, created by our team.