Modern messengers for work and communication

Messenger – a unique program or web service for instant messaging. It serves for rapid information transfer to other users in real time. With its help in just a couple of clicks you can send text, images, audio and video content, hold a video conference, play cooperative games and much more. Its peculiarity is the ability to make phone calls from anywhere on cell phones via the Internet.

Types of modern messengers.

All the tools for communication are classified into the Internet or local network solutions. The first ones are divided into:

  • services that require installation on your computer or mobile device;
  • web–messengers.

Local applications require the mandatory installation. To get started, it’s needed to download and install the client, create an account on the system.

Specialized web messaging services («messenger» – courier) were based on e–mail functionality with emphasis on the relevance of the information transmitted. The keen interest of the Internet community to the first messengers influenced the development of high competition in this segment. WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Slack, HipChat, Telegram have become the most popular. 

Features of instant messaging services.

Modern companies use an individual approach in the development of new applications and web services. Solutions presented on the market differ in the privacy policy, the external interface design, interaction options, the number of protocols and other things. Messengers developers initially guided by a certain type of audience.

One of the most popular services for real–time communication is Facebook Messenger. It has won fans due to the constant development and extension of functionality. To monetize such projects their creators offer additional services (for example SkypeOut), paid subscription (WhatsApp) or stickers sale (KakaoTalk).

With the help of modern instant messengers, you can:

  • set up an operative informational and technical customers support;
  • run the execution of certain functions via chat;
  • distribute useful and interesting content;
  • provide internal communication;
  • interact with users.

To take full advantage of these services, installation of special client software is needed. It allows you to see the network connection status of the listed contacts. 

Benefits & application field.

Instant notifications is the main messengers’ advantage. It makes possible to use the program not only for private communication, but also with clients for the successful business.

The messengers’ advantages for users are:

  • instantaneous information transmission between the chat participants;
  • powerful services functionality (video communication, file transfer of different formats, like text content, images, audio and video files, calls on cell phones, etc.);
  • simplicity and easy switching between many collocutors;
  • using of communication tools as both synchronous and asynchronous channels;
  • programs’ mobility and their twenty–four hours availability;
  • grouping of messages by user contacts;

Some companies have begun to implement solutions with the ability to make purchases without exiting the chat. Equally successful is messenger’s transformation into the corporate means of communication, with an emphasis on improved safety.

Instant communication software can be used for:

  • communicating with friends and family. Messenger lets to reach the people, regardless of their location. This is a handy tool for phone calls and video information transfer. With its help, you can chat not only individually, but also create interest groups. The program provides instant access to notifications. ICQ, LINE, MyChat, Snapchat and some others are well suited for personal use;
  • marketing communications. Services for instant messaging are actively used solutions. Great number of users, connected to the network, make profit of them. To select an effective tool you should evaluate its ease of use, functionality and popularity among the target audience of a particular company. WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Viber and many others are used most often for the marketing communication.

Messengers provoked a technological revolution in the modern Internet society. They’ve become a topical solution for many users in the network, a powerful tool and an assistant both in business and in everyday life