Installing#back to top

Once you've completed your purchase, you'll have two ways to download the plugin:

  • Email: Check your inbox for an email from Wow-Estore. This email will contain a download link for the plugin.
  • Account Dashboard: Alternatively, you can download the plugin directly from your account. Here's how:
    1. Log in to Use the login credentials you received in your email.
    2. Access Your Account Dashboard: Look for a section labeled "Account".
    3. Find the Downloads Section: Within your account dashboard, locate a section titled "Downloads,".
    4. Download the Plugin: You should see a list of your purchased products, including the plugin. Locate the specific plugin and click the download link associated with it.
Note: In some cases, this file may unzip as you download it, and instead appear as a regular folder. However, the folder must be zipped to use the WordPress plugin uploader. For more details on how to zip and unzip files, be sure to check out these guides for Windows and Mac operating systems.

Once you’ve downloaded your zip file, go ahead and navigate to the site where you’d like to install PRO plugin. Then, inside the admin dashboard, go to Plugins > Add New (1) and click the Upload Plugin (2) button.

Upload WordPress Plugin


From here, you’ll see the option to upload the plugin. Click on the Choose File button and select the Pro plugin zip file you just downloaded. After your file is uploaded, click on the Install Now button

Upload WordPress Plugin

This will begin the installation process for you. Once the plugin is installed, click on the Activate Plugin button to activate Pro plugin on your site.

Upload WordPress Plugin

After activating the plugin, be sure to activate your PRO plugin license key to receive automatic updates and plugin support.

  1. Go to the page 'Wow-Plugins' in dashboard
  2. Select the plugin
  3. Enter your license key, that you recived in email
  4. Click the button 'Activate plugin';

Activation License key


Congratulations! You've successfully installed and activated the PRO plugin. Now, you can start exploring its features and take your WordPress site to the next level.

Settings#back to top

Counter Box Pro Settings

Counter Type

  • Countdown to Date: Launch a classic countdown timer that reaches zero on a specific date and time you set. Perfect for creating anticipation for events like Christmas sales or product launches.
  • Weekly Countdown: Set a recurring countdown that resets each week on a specific day and time. use this to generate excitement for events like «Countdown to friday's happy hour!"
  • Time Since: Track the elapsed time from a chosen date in the past. This is ideal for showcasing milestones like "Years Since Google's Founding" or "Company Anniversary."
  • Simple Timer: Create a timer that counts down from a set duration and resets when the page refreshes. Motivate users to stay engaged by displaying a time-limited offer.
  • Personal Timer: Set a unique timer for each user that starts and resets after the timer expires, even if the user refreshes the page. This allows you to personalize offers or display time-sensitive discounts for each visitor.
  • Resumable Timer: Establish a persistent timer for each user that tracks the total countdown duration. When the user leaves the page, the timer pauses. Upon returning, the timer resumes counting down from where it left off. This is useful for limited-time promotions or gamification elements.
  • Base Counter: Create a versatile counter that can either count up or down to a specific value. This can be used for various purposes, such as displaying social proof by showcasing "Products Sold Today" or creating a sense of urgency with a "Limited Stock Remaining" counter.
  • Counter (From Date): Set a base value at a specific date and time, and then continuously increment the value at a chosen interval. This allows you to track metrics like "Current World Population" based on estimated growth rates.
  • Counter (From Weekday): Create a counter that resets each week on a chosen weekday and starts incrementing again. This is useful for displaying statistics like "Births Today" or "Website Visits this Week."


Content#back to top

Counter Box Pro Content

Shortcodes for Displaying Your Counter:

Once you've chosen your counter type, you can use shortcodes to display the specific units you want to show:

  • {day}: Displays the number of days remaining/elapsed.
  • {hour}: Displays the number of hours remaining/elapsed.
  • {min}: Displays the number of minutes remaining/elapsed.
  • {sec}: Displays the number of seconds remaining/elapsed (optional for most counters).
  • {counter}: Displays the raw counter value itself (e.g., current population, product count).

Customize Your Counter's Appearance:

Feel free to add any text or content alongside your counter using the standard WordPress editor tools.

You can also personalize the look of your counter using WordPress' built-in styling options. Change the color, font, and alignment to match your website's aesthetic.

This revised text clarifies the purpose of the shortcodes and emphasizes the customization options available through the WordPress editor.

Style#back to top

Counter Box Pro Style

The "Style" tab gives you complete control over the appearance of your counter. Customize the following elements:

Number Styles:

  • Width & Height: Define the size of each number within the counter.
  • Border Radius: Set the curvature of the counter's corners for a rounded or sharper look.
  • Background: Choose a background color for the counter display area.
  • Border:
    • Style: Select the type of border (solid, dashed, dotted, etc.)
    • Thickness: Control the width of the border.
    • Color: Define the color of the border.

Titles & Labels:

  • Add Titles: Optionally include titles for each counter unit (e.g., "Days," "Hours").
  • Style Titles: Customize the font, color, and size of the titles.
  • Position Titles: Choose where to display the titles relative to the counter numbers.

Targets#back to top

Define what happens after the countdown reaches zero by selecting an action from the options below:

  • Hide the counter box: This action hides the entire counter box itself from the webpage after the countdown finishes. This provides a clean look once the countdown is complete.
  • Hide Block: This action hides a specific block of content on your webpage after the countdown finishes. This is useful for revealing content after a promotional period or after users complete a specific action.
  • Show Block: This action shows a previously hidden block of content on your webpage after the countdown finishes. This allows you to display content that becomes relevant only after the counter reaches zero.
  • Redirect: This action redirects users to a different URL after the countdown finishes. This is useful for sending users to a product page after a launch or to a confirmation page after a registration countdown.
  • Call any function: This action offers the most flexibility. It allows you to trigger any custom JavaScript function you define in your code after the countdown finishes. This enables you to perform advanced actions or integrate the counter with other functionalities on your webpage.
  • Show the message: This action displays a custom message of your choice on the webpage after the countdown finishes. This allows you to inform users about what happens next or provide them with additional information.

Targeting & Rules#back to top

Responsive Visibility

  • Remove on Mobile: Completely remove the item from mobile devices.
  • Remove on Desktop: Completely remove the item from desktop devices.


  • Select User Roles: Choose the user roles (e.g., Administrator, Editor, Author) who can see the item on the page.

Users rules

Other Rules

Enable for Specific Language

This option allows you to restrict the counter visibility to specific languages on your multilingual website. If enabled, you'll be able to choose the languages where the item should appear. Also you can set the custom locale, in some cases, it is necessary to set a language that is not in the languages list.

Trigger Counter Based on URL and Referrer

Activate by URL:

Show the counter only if the user visits a specific URL containing a designated parameter. For example, the counter will appear if the URL is

Activate by Referrer URL:

Target users who arrive at your website from a specific referring domain. This is useful for campaigns where you want to display counter only to visitors coming from a particular source, such as a partner website (e.g., only show the counter if the referrer URL is

Target Your Audience with Geotargeting

Show relevant counters to visitors based on their location! With geotargeting, you can:

  • Focus on Specific Countries: Target counters to visitors from countries that matter most to your business.
  • Easy Country Selection: Simply enter the two-letter country codes (e.g., US, UK, CA) of the countries you want to target.
  • Multiple Country Targeting: Separate multiple country codes with commas for broader reach.
  • Find Country Codes: Need help? A full list of two-letter country codes can be found on Wikipedia.


  • Set Schedule: Define a schedule for the counter visibility. Specify the days of the week, time of day, and specific dates for display.

Schedule Rules

Hide Based on Browser

  • Select Browsers: Choose specific browsers (Opera, Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.) where you want to hide the counter.

Browser rules

Other Options#back to top

Fine-tune your item: Manage visibility, testing, organization, and data transfer with these additional options.

  • Status: Deactivate: Deactivate the menu from appearing on the frontend of your website.
  • Test Mode: Enable this option to display the item only for administrators, allowing you to test its functionality on your live site without affecting visitors.
  • Tag: Assign tags to your items for easier searching and organization within the list of elements.
  • Link: Insert the link to the page with the Item

Wow Plugin Settings Publisj


List of Items

  • Bulk Actions: Perform actions on multiple menus at once. Options include Activate, Deactivate, and Enable/Disable Test Mode.
  • Duplicate Item: Quickly create a copy of an existing menu for faster editing.
  • Export: Export selected menus to a JSON file. This allows you to save backups or transfer menus to other websites using the plugin.

List of the Items


  • Export: Export all your items to a single JSON file for backup purposes or transferring them to other websites.
  • Import: Import items from a JSON file. This allows you to import previously exported items or item from other websites using the plugin.
  • Update Item if Item Already Exists: When importing items from a JSON file, enable this option to update existing items on your site with the imported data.

Import Export items

Upgrade License#back to top

You can upgrade the license key:

  1. Go to your dashboard on
  2. Go to the page ‘Account’->’License keys’
  3. Click on the link ‘View Upgrade’
  4. Click on the link ‘Upgrade License’

Generate invoice#back to top

You can generate an invoice on the page 

  1. Login in your dashboard on Wow-Estore
  2. Go to page 
  3. Click ‘Generate Invoice’

Error ‘Update Failed’#back to top

This is happening either because the license key is expired or it is not activated on the URL the extension is installed on. This can sometimes happen if you install the plugin and activate the license key on a temporary URL and then update the site to the final URL.

To resolve the problem, log into your account, go to page "Account"-> "License Keys ", then click on the "Manage Sites" link for the license key. From that page, you will be able to add or remove URLs for the license. Once the proper URL is registered on the license key, you will be able to install the update.