The Border Menu Pro WordPress plugin is the unique tool for creating the pull-down menu on the page borders. This is the conceptually new approach in the design and development of the site structure. It facilitates the user’s work with the navigation bar and saves the screen space.

The plugin settings allow you to change quickly the menu items functions and its design. The tool can be used to create flexible site navigation. Use the Border Menu Pro WordPress plugin to:

  • add to the page two types of the menu – vertical and horizontal;
  • choose the thematic icon for design from the huge options list;
  • display pop-up tooltips for the site visitors;
  • use the menu items to navigate the site or switch to third-party resources;
  • create the social panels to share interesting information with friends and subscribers;
  • plug in the main user menu with registration, authorization, logout and password reset;
  • configure work with a printer;
  • change the display settings for different user groups.

Increase the site conversion, reducing the number of distractions.

The Border Menu Pro plugin adds a web resource recognition and individual style. Minimalistic menu will increase the site conversion. The main “hamburger icon” does not distract user attention from the content. It is used only when it’s really needed.

The main benefits of the navigation tool:

  • accuracy, the compact get-up allows to allocate enough space for the page main content;
  • scalability, one icon can contain the large number of menu items;
  • facilitating the information search on a site;
  • ability to display the navigation bar on all or only on specific site pages (by using the id, short codes or exception clauses);
  • language selection in the menu settings;
  • displaying the menu for all users or for the selected group of the site visitors;
  • large selection of colors for the menu and its elements;
  • attractive animation effect when the menu expands and the mouse cursor hovers.

The main element occupies fixed position at the top or bottom of a page, on the left or right side of it. When user opens the menu, the main site area is dimmed, allows focusing the user’s attention on the navigation bar.