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The Wow Countdowns Pro is the functional and convenient WordPress plugin to increase the conversion of a web resource. The marketing tool creates a deficit and urgency effect, motivating users to perform various actions. It affects customers with flexible and easily configurable timers and counters. The extension provides an opportunity to demonstrate social proof to visitors of the page, adding realism to the proposal.

Plugin advantages

The Wow Countdowns Pro plugin sets limits on the number of units purchased and the duration of promotional offers to increase their value for users. Using cookies allows you to track the session and configure the display of the counter individually for each visitor. It prevents data from being reset when the page is refreshed. With the Wow Countdowns Pro plugin you can:

  • create an unlimited amount of timers and counters with individual settings of styles;
  • tracking the user’s session to make personalized offers;
  • add a randomizer to increase the effect of realism;
  • create a countdown timer to a certain date;
  • create a countdown timer for the specified time with user session control;
  • create a countdown to the set value;
  • create a countdown to a certain value with user session control;
  • display and hide the titles of different counter elements;
  • set up to 5 triggers to disable or show the offers when the counter (or timer) runs out;
  • output elements depending on the language of the page;
  • display the counter (or timer) depending on the status of the user on the site;
  • insert a counter (or timer) with a shortcode anywhere on the page.

The extension allows you to specify personal names for the fields displayed to the user, specify the type of delimiter and much more for more interaction with the visitor of the page. The plugin interacts perfectly with Wow Forms Pro, allowing the user to perform various actions. Connecting Wow Modal Windows Pro will allow you to insert counters into modal windows, create offers with a high conversion rate.


The Wow Countdowns Pro extension increases the value of sold goods and services in the eyes of potential buyers. The redirection can be configured individually for each counter and timer. The tool allows the site administrator to use a large set of tools:

  • the convenient settings panel for creating a timer to a certain date. Set the day, month, and year before the countdown runs out. Effectively announce various events or the release of a new product. Specify individual names and set their display for each element of the timer. Specify names for days, hours, minutes and seconds;
  • settings for the countdown timer. Specify the number of days, hours and minutes before the countdown runs out. Connect the titles and give the elements unique names;
  • settings for a countdown timer with user session control. Edit the remaining time display individually for each visitor to the page. Set the number of days the timer will resume counting;
  • parameters to create a countdown. Specify the direction of the account, specify the start and finish values. Set the time of data change and data step – stable or with randomization. Enter the minimum and maximum number of seconds and values for the random display;
  • parameters to create a countdown with user session control. Specify the number of days after which the counter updates;
  • setting up to 5 triggers upon the completion of the counter (or timer). Output information messages, contact forms, registration offers and much more for users after the account is completed with the help of an editor with advanced features,. Specify redirection to another page or third-party resource. Display or hide modal windows, forms, various blocks by specifying a selector –class or ID;
  • powerful counter styling panel. Customize the marketing tool for the design and style of your site. Specify the height and width of the element, set its padding, add and adjust the output of the border, font size, numbers and delimiters, set the type of delimiter. Choose a color palette for the background, borders, delimiters, names and numeric values;
  • parameters for personalizing the output. Show a trading offer with a limited action for all or individual roles. Change the display conditions based on the user’s status;
  • set the output depending on the language of the page. Set the display of offers for certain countries;
  • use shortcode. Insert the counter in any part of the web resource. Shortcode enhances the convenience and flexibility of using expansion capabilities.

Create unique elements for turning page users into target customers. Adjust the growth or decrease of the timer index by setting it at appropriate intervals. Change the counter increment to increase or decrease the displayed values.

Can be used for:

  • countdown timer to a set date;
  • countdown timer to a certain time;
  • countdown timer to a certain time with user session control;
  • counter with a random step of changing the number of offered goods;
  • countdown to a certain value;
  • countdown to a certain value with user session control;
  • demonstration of the limitation for the promotional product quantity;
  • announce new services;
  • offering a registration for an event or a webinar with a limited number of seats or time of action;
  • realistic trade offers;
  • demonstration of social proof of the popularity of the proposal;
  • redirection to the order page of a product or service after the timer (or counter) runs out.

Compatibility with other popular plugins

  • Wow Modal Windows Pro;
  • Wow Forms Pro;
  • Wow Viral Signups Pro;
  • Social Subscriber Pro;

Wow Countdowns Pro is the powerful plugin to attract new customers and increase their activity on the site. Installing the extension will provide an effective marketing tool to customize and display all sorts of counters and timers. Influence on users by adding realistic trading offers with a limited period of validity or number of available products. Use Wow Countdowns Pro to announce new services or various events. Demonstrate the popularity of offers to doubting customers through social evidence.