WordPress Plugin Wow Countdowns Pro was created to increase the conversion of purchases, creating a deficit effect by one of the following ways:

  • by limiting units in the consignment of goods available to order online at a reduced cost;
  • creation of special offers, which are valid for a limited time;
  • social evidences demonstration of the goods or services demands.

Also use counter solely as a marketing tool. To do it, turn on the long sessions mode with visitors tracking via cookies. It prevents resetting counters, when you refresh the page. 

WordPress plugin for displaying counters and timers has such features:

  • impact on clients, hiding or showing a trade offer at the time of the counter or timer finish;
  • create an unlimited number of counters and timers with individual settings of styles and demonstrated information;
  • choose the most powerful kind of impact by limiting time or quantity of goods available;
  • create a countdown before the launch of site, the announcement of a new product service, the start of sales, or any other event;
  • start online sales counters, demonstrating the popularity of your product or service to the buyer, who doubts. For credibility, the plugin uses generation of random numbers.

More details about Wow Countdowns Pro capabilities.

Configure WordPress Wow Countdowns to show or hide the days, hours, minutes and seconds before the completion of countdown. For a closer interaction with the visitor, set personal names for demonstrated fields, type of number separator – colon, comma, dash, slash, or a straight line.

Adjust the growth or decline of the timer index by setting it in appropriate intervals – minutes, seconds, or fractions. For counter set increase or decrease in demonstrated numbers and their step changes.

WordPress Countdowns plugin sets the initial and final value of the counter and demonstrable action at reaching the target. When tracking user sessions, you can set interval at which the countdown will start over again.

Increase the value of sold goods or services in the eyes of a potential buyer with the timer, before transferring visitor to the ordering page. Redirection can be set individually for each timer or counter.