The registration with the limited number of places and the referral system

Creating the deficit effect is the effective tool in the field of Internet marketing. Competent construction of the limited offer can efficiently influence the online business. The user is more likely to register in shares with the certain time limit or with the fixed number of places. It gives him the sense of his own exclusivity and elitism.

Place on your site the unique offer for all visitors. Engage them with the profitable referral system and bonuses. Attracting new potential customers will affect the conversion of the web resource.

Form the exclusive offer for users

Let’s realize the profitable offer through the opening the new cinema hall in the cinema. Create the limited offer in 370 registrations. This number corresponds to the total capacity of the hall. For users who will go to the opening show starts the “Invite the friend” promotion. Users receive the 25% discount on each ticket when they register following the referral link.

To start the project, we use the functional plugin Wow Viral Signups Pro. Select the desired type of registration in the “Type” settings section.

Fig. 1 The limited registration with the referral system


Set parameters for the scarce supply in «Signup» menu:

  • set the total number of users for registration – 370;
  • add the effect of social proof, showing users the number of “bought” places;
  • specify the text for the proposal output;
  • set the name for the button;
  • output placeholder text;
  • specify the confirmation text.
Fig. 2 Select data for displaying the users

Use the “Sharing” section to edit the parameters of the referral system. Change the contents of the fields in accordance with the implemented project:

  • set the message about the referral system. It will be available to the user after registration. The text design can be changed with HTML and CSS code;
  • enter the message for publication in social networks;
  • specify the link to the parent service;
  • set the number of referrals to participate in the promotion. It is enough to invite 1 person to get the discount;
  • set the form lock when re-registering for 1 day to avoid fraud.
Fig. 3 The referral system options

The “Style” section allows you to change the appearance of the form and messages for their qualitative implementation on the site. Use the settings:

  • change the position of the form – in the center;
  • align the text to the center;
  • specify the font sizes for the message title, the link and the offer text;
  • set the size for the button name;
  • select the color palette for all elements.
Fig. 4 Edit the external design of the registration form and text messages

The received registration form can be inserted anywhere on the site using its shortcode.

Fig. 5 The form for ordering the tickets

Placing the offer on the site through the modal window

For convenience of the offer displaying we use the modal window with the call through the button. It will allow you to display information on the screen at any time and register. You can implement it with the Wow Modal Windows Pro plugin.

Use the “Style” menu to change the display settings of the modal window:

  • set the width of the block – 35%;
  • set the padding – 10 px;
  • add the border in 2 px, round it corners – 5 px;
  • use the background image;
  • specify the margin from the bottom edge – 30%;
  • align the form in the center of the screen to activate the checkboxes for the left and the right edges, leaving the value zero;
  • add the background overlay, select its color and transparency;
  • select the border color.

The values of the rest menu options will be left by default.

Fig. 6 The set of options to edit the modal window

Change the display of the closing button. In the “Close Button” menu, select:

  • display by the image;
  • close by clicking on the overlay or the Esc key;
  • the size of the element;
  • the color of the graphic icon.

Remove the background color of the button, adding transparency. Stylize it under the modal window. The other parameters were not changed.

Fig. 7 Change the display of the closing button

In the “Display” menu, set the item’s display when clicking on the link. This will hide the pop-up block and display it when you click on the button in the future.

Fig. 8 Set the window call by reference

Add the animation when you open and close the modal window. This will revitalize the unit and increase its attractiveness for page visitors. Through the menu “Animation” we choose:

  • the open effect;
  • the closing animation;
  • duration is 400 ms.
Fig. 9 Menu to add animation

The “Button” item allows you to configure the modal window output when you click the button:

  • select the button display;
  • specify the location of the element – at the bottom of the page;
  • edit the button text;
  • set the width to 150 px;
  • select the base color for the button and set its shift when hovering the mouse cursor.
Fig. 10 Options for adding the button

To insert the shortcode with the limited number of registration points with the referral system, we use the plain text editor.

Fig. 11 Add shortcode to window

Save the settings and look at the result of their working on the site. The modal window calling button will be displayed at the bottom of the page.

Fig. 12 Call the modal window when the button is pressed

After entering the e-mail address, the confirmation message appears. It will also contain the offer to use the referral system.

Fig. 13 The message with the referral link

While registering for the movie in the new cinema hall the user can invite friends and get the profitable bonus. This will attract more new customers and just interested visitors to the site.