Social Subscriber Pro

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Social Subscriber Pro – it’s an ideal WordPress plugin, that allows users of your site to subscribe easily to mailing, using one of their favorite social network account. The extension serves to connect and conveniently edit various subscription buttons. There are recommendations for creating API application, insertion of shortcodes and much more in the settings.

Plugin advantages

Using Social Subscriber Pro plugin you can be sure that your subscribers have entered the correct email address, also the given name and the family name. Among the advantages of the tool:

  • convenient control panel;
  • subscription via 4 popular social networks;
  • integration with 5 email marketing services;
  • sending a message to the administrator and the user after the subscription;
  • select the color style for the button;
  • flexible setting of displaying the subscription element for each social network;
  • adding a tag from URL for the email services in order to obtain additional information about the user of the page;
  • user redirection after subscribing to the required page;
  • using shortcodes with several attributes.

Integration with email marketing services allows you to add immediately a user to the appropriate mailing lists. Flexible customization of buttons will help to display harmoniously subscription elements in accordance with the style of your site.


The Social Subscriber Pro plugin allows you to create and place bright and innovative subscription buttons on the web resource. Popularize the content of the site among users of social networks. Give your target audience an opportunity to share interesting and useful information. The tool will allow the site administrator to:

  • create bright subscription buttons for 4 popular social networks: Facebook, Google, Twitter and LinkedIn. Following the recommendations of the extension, connect a unique API application, select the color design for the text, icons, background and border elements, change the display of the element when hovering mouse cursor;
  • set general settings for the subscription buttons. Specify the indents, the width of the border, the degree of its rounding, the size of the font and graphic image, place the icon before or after the element name;
  • send a message to the site administrator. Specify the email address and sender’s name, edit the title and content of the message;
  • send a message to the user after the subscription. Specify the subject, text, name and address of the sender;
  • integrate plugin with 5 email services. Use all the features of popular services: MailChimp, GetResponse, ActiveCampaign, AWeber, SendinBlue;
  • add a tag from URL for the email services. Get additional information about users by setting a parameter from URL;
  • use shortcodes to display the social subscription button in posts and on the site pages. Add and change the attributes of the item display: specify the name of the social network, set the text for the button, set the user’s redirection after subscribing to the desired page.

Organize a quick and easy subscription to mailing through social networks with the help of Social Subscriber Pro plugin.

Can be used for:

  • Facebook subscription
  • Google subscription
  • subscription via Twitter
  • LinkedIn subscription

Compatibility with other popular plugins

Social Subscriber Pro is the functional plugin for subscribing users to the mailing via social networks. The extension allows you to attract a greater number of interested subscribers. The tool will be an effective solution for increasing the attendance of the web resource and the growth of its popularity.