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Create bright pullout menu with the Slide Menu Pro plugin for the WordPress sites. To open it just click on the compact hamburger icon in the page corner. This plugin can contain the large number of navigation elements and options.

Use the Slide Menu Pro plugin settings to create the highly specialized menu solves specific tasks. Each of the item menu is assigned to the concrete site page or function. This is very convenient for the web resources with the large data set.

The Slide Menu Pro WordPress plugin is the powerful tool for your website. With its help, you will get the wide range of features:

  • set the pull-down menu and its main button on the left or right page side, at the top or bottom;
  • choose colors for the menu design and change its display, when the mouse hovers;
  • set the bright background for the main button and the item titles;
  • add interesting icons to each element. Make navigation visually recognizable to the user;
  • give unique titles to the menu items;
  • simplify the user’s work with the site by adding standard menu buttons for the registration, authorization, logout and password reset;
  • insert links and other navigation elements (including modal windows);
  • allow users to print useful page at any time using the integrated button;
  • add the built-in social network buttons to increase the site conversion and its visibility;
  • change the item menu display depending on the selected language or the site page;
  • identify the users group with access to the navigation.

Opened menu is not bounded to scrolling the page. It remains in the locked position until the user will close it.

Increase the site usability by choosing new technologies.

Slide menu is the practical solution for different web resources types. It has become popular among owners of many mobile devices due to the concise display on the screens with any resolution. The Slide Menu Pro plugin perfectly solves the problem with limited site workspace.

To draw the user attention to the navigation element, you should use bright color design for the button. It affects the conversion of the site.